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Hysteretic adsorption and desorption of hydrogen by nanoporous metal-organic frameworks
X Zhao, B Xiao, AJ Fletcher, KM Thomas, D Bradshaw, MJ Rosseinsky
Science 306 (5698), 1012-1015, 2004
High-capacity hydrogen and nitric oxide adsorption and storage in a metal− organic framework
B Xiao, PS Wheatley, X Zhao, AJ Fletcher, S Fox, AG Rossi, IL Megson, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (5), 1203-1209, 2007
Exceptional behavior over the whole adsorption− storage− delivery cycle for NO in porous metal organic frameworks
AC McKinlay, B Xiao, DS Wragg, PS Wheatley, IL Megson, RE Morris
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (31), 10440-10444, 2008
Adsorption properties of HKUST-1 toward hydrogen and other small molecules monitored by IR
S Bordiga, L Regli, F Bonino, E Groppo, C Lamberti, B Xiao, PS Wheatley, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (21), 2676-2685, 2007
Adsorption of metal ions on nitrogen surface functional groups in activated carbons
YF Jia, B Xiao, KM Thomas
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Hydrogen adsorption on functionalized nanoporous activated carbons
XB Zhao, B Xiao, AJ Fletcher, KM Thomas
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NO-releasing zeolites and their antithrombotic properties
PS Wheatley, AR Butler, MS Crane, S Fox, B Xiao, AG Rossi, IL Megson, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (2), 502-509, 2006
Metal organic frameworks as NO delivery materials for biological applications
NJ Hinks, AC McKinlay, B Xiao, PS Wheatley, RE Morris
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 129 (3), 330-334, 2010
Nitric oxide adsorption and delivery in flexible MIL-88 (Fe) metal–organic frameworks
AC McKinlay, JF Eubank, S Wuttke, B Xiao, PS Wheatley, P Bazin, ...
Chemistry of Materials 25 (9), 1592-1599, 2013
Chemically blockable transformation and ultraselective low-pressure gas adsorption in a non-porous metal organic framework
B Xiao, PJ Byrne, PS Wheatley, DS Wragg, X Zhao, AJ Fletcher, ...
Nature Chemistry 1 (4), 289-294, 2009
Adsorption of aqueous metal ions on oxygen and nitrogen functionalized nanoporous activated carbons
B Xiao, KM Thomas
Langmuir 21 (9), 3892-3902, 2005
Competitive adsorption of aqueous metal ions on an oxidized nanoporous activated carbon
B Xiao, KM Thomas
Langmuir 20 (11), 4566-4578, 2004
Protecting group and switchable pore-discriminating adsorption properties of a hydrophilic–hydrophobic metal–organic framework
MIH Mohideen, B Xiao, PS Wheatley, AC McKinlay, Y Li, AMZ Slawin, ...
Nature chemistry 3 (4), 304-310, 2011
NO-loaded Zn2+-exchanged zeolite materials: a potential bifunctional anti-bacterial strategy
S Fox, TS Wilkinson, PS Wheatley, B Xiao, RE Morris, A Sutherland, ...
Acta biomaterialia 6 (4), 1515-1521, 2010
Reactions of nitrogen and oxygen surface groups in nanoporous carbons under inert and reducing atmospheres
B Xiao, JP Boudou, KM Thomas
Langmuir 21 (8), 3400-3409, 2005
In Situ Single-Crystal Diffraction Studies of the Structural Transition of Metal− Organic Framework Copper 5-Sulfoisophthalate, Cu-SIP-3
PK Allan, B Xiao, SJ Teat, JW Knight, RE Morris
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (10), 3605-3611, 2010
Nanoporous metal organic framework materials for hydrogen storage
B Xiao, Q Yuan
Particuology 7 (2), 129-140, 2009
Exceptional function of nanoporous metal organic framework particles in emulsion stabilisation
B Xiao, Q Yuan, RA Williams
Chem. Commun. 49 (74), 8208-8210, 2013
Encapsulation of phase change materials using rice-husk-char
W Gondora, K Doudin, DJ Nowakowski, B Xiao, Y Ding, T Bridgwater, ...
Applied Energy 182, 274-281, 2016
From non-porous crystalline to amorphous microporous metal (IV) bisphosphonates
A Cabeza, M del Mar Gómez-Alcántara, P Olivera-Pastor, I Sobrados, ...
Microporous and mesoporous materials 114 (1-3), 322-336, 2008
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