Guoming Liu
Guoming Liu
Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciecnes
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Tailoring Crystallization: Towards High‐Performance Poly (lactic acid)
G Liu, X Zhang, D Wang
Advanced Materials 26 (40), 6905-6911, 2014
Facile fabrication of fast recyclable and multiple self‐healing epoxy materials through diels‐alder adduct cross‐linker
X Kuang, G Liu, X Dong, X Liu, J Xu, D Wang
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Temperature dependence of crystalline transition of highly-oriented poly (l-lactide)/poly (d-lactide) blend: In-situ synchrotron X-ray scattering study
Z Xiong, G Liu, X Zhang, T Wen, S de Vos, C Joziasse, D Wang
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How Composition Determines the Properties of Isodimorphic Poly(butylene succinate-ran-butylene azelate) Random Biobased Copolymers: From Single to Double …
I Arandia, A Mugica, M Zubitur, A Arbe, G Liu, D Wang, R Mincheva, ...
Macromolecules 48 (1), 43-57, 2015
Large-area crack-free single-crystal photonic crystals via combined effects of polymerization-assisted assembly and flexible substrate
J Zhou, J Wang, Y Huang, G Liu, L Wang, S Chen, X Li, D Wang, Y Song, ...
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X Zhang, K Schneider, G Liu, J Chen, K Brüning, D Wang, M Stamm
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Crystallization Behaviors of n-Octadecane in Confined Space: Crossover of Rotator Phase from Transient to Metastable Induced by Surface Freezing
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Effect of mesophase separation and crystallization on the elastomeric behavior of olefin multi-block copolymers
G Liu, Y Guan, T Wen, X Wang, X Zhang, D Wang, X Li, J Loos, H Chen, ...
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Enhanced Crystallization from the Glassy State of Poly(l-lactic acid) Confined in Anodic Alumina Oxide Nanopores
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Polymer 72, 185-192, 2015
Correlation between stress relaxation dynamics and thermochemistry for covalent adaptive networks polymers
X Kuang, G Liu, X Dong, D Wang
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 1 (1), 111-118, 2017
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