Qingwen Wang
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Efficient cleavage of lignin–carbohydrate complexes and ultrafast extraction of lignin oligomers from wood biomass by microwave‐assisted treatment with deep eutectic solvent
D Yongzhuang Liu, W Chen, Q Xia, B Guo, Q Wang, S Liu, Y Liu, J Li, ...
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Effect of experimental parameters on morphological, mechanical and hydrophobic properties of electrospun polystyrene fibers
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Chemical mechanism of fire retardance of boric acid on wood
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Comparative properties of cellulose nano-crystals from native and mercerized cotton fibers
Y Yue, C Zhou, AD French, G Xia, G Han, Q Wang, Q Wu
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Highly flexible and conductive cellulose-mediated PEDOT: PSS/MWCNT composite films for supercapacitor electrodes
D Zhao, Q Zhang, W Chen, X Yi, S Liu, Q Wang, Y Liu, J Li, X Li, H Yu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (15), 13213-13222, 2017
Grafting effects of polypropylene/polyethylene blends with maleic anhydride on the properties of the resulting wood–plastic composites
H Gao, Y Xie, R Ou, Q Wang
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 43 (1), 150-157, 2012
High performance, flexible, solid‐state supercapacitors based on a renewable and biodegradable mesoporous cellulose membrane
D Zhao, C Chen, Q Zhang, W Chen, S Liu, Q Wang, Y Liu, J Li, H Yu
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (18), 1700739, 2017
Effects of chemical modification on the mechanical properties of wood
Y Xie, Q Fu, Q Wang, Z Xiao, H Militz
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Facile extraction of cellulose nanocrystals from wood using ethanol and peroxide solvothermal pretreatment followed by ultrasonic nanofibrillation
Y Li, Y Liu, W Chen, Q Wang, Y Liu, J Li, H Yu
Green Chemistry 18 (4), 1010-1018, 2016
Effect of zinc borate and wood flour on thermal degradation and fire retardancy of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) composites
Y Fang, Q Wang, C Guo, Y Song, PA Cooper
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 100, 230-236, 2013
Recent progress of catalytic pyrolysis of biomass by HZSM-5
TAN Shun, Z ZHANG, SUN Jianping, W Qingwen
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 34 (4), 641-650, 2013
Efficient cleavage of strong hydrogen bonds in cotton by deep eutectic solvents and facile fabrication of cellulose nanocrystals in high yields
Y Liu, B Guo, Q Xia, J Meng, W Chen, S Liu, Q Wang, Y Liu, J Li, H Yu
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (9), 7623-7631, 2017
Reinforcing effects of Kevlar fiber on the mechanical properties of wood-flour/high-density-polyethylene composites
R Ou, H Zhao, S Sui, Y Song, Q Wang
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 41 (9), 1272-1278, 2010
Efficient flame-retardant and smoke-suppression properties of Mg–Al-layered double-hydroxide nanostructures on wood substrate
B Guo, Y Liu, Q Zhang, F Wang, Q Wang, Y Liu, J Li, H Yu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (27), 23039-23047, 2017
Morphology, mechanical properties, and dimensional stability of wood particle/high density polyethylene composites: effect of removal of wood cell wall composition
R Ou, Y Xie, MP Wolcott, S Sui, Q Wang
Materials & Design 58, 339-345, 2014
Effect of wood cell wall composition on the rheological properties of wood particle/high density polyethylene composites
R Ou, Y Xie, MP Wolcott, F Yuan, Q Wang
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Catalytic upgrading of bio-oil using 1-octene and 1-butanol over sulfonic acid resin catalysts
Z Zhang, Q Wang, P Tripathi, CU Pittman Jr
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UV-initiated crosslinking of electrospun poly (ethylene oxide) nanofibers with pentaerythritol triacrylate: Effect of irradiation time and incorporated cellulose nanocrystals
C Zhou, Q Wang, Q Wu
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Recent advances in the sound insulation properties of bio-based materials
X Zhu, BJ Kim, Q Wang, Q Wu
BioResources 9 (1), 1764-1786, 2014
Mechanical and physical properties of core–shell structured wood plastic composites: Effect of shells with hybrid mineral and wood fillers
BJ Kim, F Yao, G Han, Q Wang, Q Wu
Composites Part B: Engineering 45 (1), 1040-1048, 2013
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