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The nature of the supramolecular association of 1, 2, 5-chalcogenadiazoles
AF Cozzolino, I Vargas-Baca, S Mansour, AH Mahmoudkhani
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (9), 3184-3190, 2005
A survey of tellurium-centered secondary-bonding supramolecular synthons
AF Cozzolino, PJW Elder, I Vargas-Baca
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 255 (11-12), 1426-1438, 2011
The effect of steric hindrance on the association of telluradiazoles through Te− N secondary bonding interactions
AF Cozzolino, JF Britten, I Vargas-Baca
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Supramolecular macrocycles reversibly assembled by Te… O chalcogen bonding
PC Ho, P Szydlowski, J Sinclair, PJW Elder, J Kübel, C Gendy, LM Lee, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-10, 2016
Organogermanium reactive intermediates. The direct detection and characterization of transient germylenes and digermenes in solution
WJ Leigh, CR Harrington, I Vargas-Baca
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Synthesis of a Heterobimetallic Rhodium−Iron Complex Containing an η3-Interaction between Rhodium and the B−Cipso−Cortho Unit of a Triarylborane
SR Oakley, KD Parker, DJH Emslie, I Vargas-Baca, CM Robertson, ...
Organometallics 25 (25), 5835-5838, 2006
Solid‐phase synthesis of transition metal linked, branched oligonucleotides
I Vargas‐Baca, D Mitra, HJ Zulyniak, J Banerjee, HF Sleiman
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 40 (24), 4629-4632, 2001
Recent developments in the coordination chemistry of bis (imino) acenaphthene (BIAN) ligands with s-and p-block elements
NJ Hill, I Vargas-Baca, AH Cowley
Dalton Transactions, 240-253, 2009
Supramolecular chromotropism of the crystalline phases of 4, 5, 6, 7-tetrafluorobenzo-2, 1, 3-telluradiazole
AF Cozzolino, PS Whitfield, I Vargas-Baca
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (48), 17265-17270, 2010
Planar P 6 E 6 (E= Se, S) macrocycles incorporating P 2 N 2 scaffolds
A Nordheider, T Chivers, R Thirumoorthi, I Vargas-Baca, JD Woollins
Chemical Communications 48 (51), 6346-6348, 2012
Engineering Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Activity by Means of a Noncentrosymmetric Distortion of the [Te−N]2 Supramolecular Synthon
AF Cozzolino, Q Yang, I Vargas-Baca
Crystal growth & design 10 (11), 4959-4964, 2010
Valence electronic structure of benzo-2, 1, 3-chalcogenadiazoles studied by photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory
AF Cozzolino, NE Gruhn, DL Lichtenberger, I Vargas-Baca
Inorganic chemistry 47 (14), 6220-6226, 2008
Weakly bonding interactions in organochalcogen chemistry
I Vargas-Baca, T Chivers
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 164 (1), 207-227, 2000
Direct detection of dimethylstannylene and tetramethyldistannene in solution and the gas phase by laser flash photolysis of 1, 1-dimethylstannacyclopent-3-enes
R Becerra, PP Gaspar, CR Harrington, WJ Leigh, I Vargas-Baca, R Walsh, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (49), 17469-17478, 2005
The role of the Lewis acid− base properties in the supramolecular association of 1, 2, 5-chalcogenadiazoles
AF Cozzolino, PJW Elder, LM Lee, I Vargas-Baca
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 91 (5), 338-347, 2013
Parametrization of a Force Field for Te− N Secondary Bonding Interactions and Its Application in the Design of Supramolecular Structures Based on Heterocyclic Building Blocks
AF Cozzolino, I Vargas-Baca
Crystal growth & design 11 (3), 668-677, 2011
Spectroscopic and computational assessment of the rotational barrier of a ferrocenyl-stabilized cyclopentadienyl cation: Evidence for the first hydroxyfulvalene ligand
LE Harrington, I Vargas-Baca, N Reginato, MJ McGlinchey
Organometallics 22 (4), 663-669, 2003
The supramolecular chemistry of 1, 2, 5-chalcogenadiazoles
AF Cozzolino, I Vargas-Baca
Journal of organometallic chemistry 692 (13), 2654-2657, 2007
Synthesis and structural characterisation of the aggregates of benzo-1, 2-chalcogenazole 2-oxides
PC Ho, J Rafique, J Lee, LM Lee, HA Jenkins, JF Britten, AL Braga, ...
Dalton Transactions 46 (20), 6570-6579, 2017
Beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes with iodine: An advanced and inexpensive undergraduate chemistry experiment
D Diaz, I Vargas-Baca, J Gracia-Mora
Journal of chemical education 71 (8), 708, 1994
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