Felipe E. Albornoz
Felipe E. Albornoz
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How belowground interactions contribute to the coexistence of mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal species in severely phosphorus-impoverished hyperdiverse ecosystems
H Lambers, F Albornoz, L Kotula, E Laliberté, K Ranathunge, FP Teste, ...
Plant and Soil 424 (1-2), 11-33, 2018
Native soilborne pathogens equalize differences in competitive ability between plants of contrasting nutrient‐acquisition strategies
FE Albornoz, TI Burgess, H Lambers, H Etchells, E Laliberté
Journal of Ecology 105 (2), 549-557, 2017
The role of soil chemistry and plant neighbourhoods in structuring fungal communities in three Panamanian rainforests
T Schappe, FE Albornoz, BL Turner, A Neat, R Condit, FA Jones
Journal of Ecology 105 (3), 569-579, 2017
Nucleation-driven regeneration promotes post-fire recovery in a Chilean temperate forest
FE Albornoz, A Gaxiola, BJ Seaman, FI Pugnaire, JJ Armesto
Plant ecology 214 (5), 765-776, 2013
Greater root phosphatase activity in nitrogen‐fixing rhizobial but not actinorhizal plants with declining phosphorus availability
GK Png, BL Turner, FE Albornoz, PE Hayes, H Lambers, E Laliberté
Journal of Ecology 105 (5), 1246-1255, 2017
Shifts in symbiotic associations in plants capable of forming multiple root symbioses across a long‐term soil chronosequence
FE Albornoz, H Lambers, BL Turner, FP Teste, E Laliberté
Ecology and evolution 6 (8), 2368-2377, 2016
Changes in ectomycorrhizal fungal community composition and declining diversity along a 2‐million‐year soil chronosequence
FE Albornoz, FP Teste, H Lambers, M Bunce, DC Murray, NE White, ...
Molecular ecology 25 (19), 4919-4929, 2016
Phosphorus conservation during post‐fire regeneration in a C hilean temperate rainforest
BJ Seaman, FE Albornoz, JJ Armesto, A Gaxiola
Austral ecology 40 (6), 709-717, 2015
Differences in investment and functioning of cluster roots account for different distributions of Banksia attenuata and B. sessilis, with contrasting life history
J Shi, D Strack, FE Albornoz, Z Han, H Lambers
Plant and Soil, 1-14, 2019
Co-occurring Fungal Functional Groups Respond Differently to Tree Neighborhoods and Soil Properties Across Three Tropical Rainforests in Panama
T Schappe, FE Albornoz, BL Turner, FA Jones
Microbial ecology, 1-11, 2019
The rps10 gene as a new barcode locus for oomycetes and its utility in metagenomics studies of environmental samples
FN Martin, F Albornoz, Z Foster, V Fieland, M Larson, FA Jones, BM Tyler, ...
Phytopathology 109 (10), 101-102, 2019
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