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R interface to Keras
D Falbel, JJ Allaire, F Chollet, Y Tang, W Van Der Bijl, M Studer, ...
URL https://github. com/rstudio/keras, 2019
phylopath: Easy phylogenetic path analysis in R.
W van der Bijl
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Brain size affects performance in a reversal-learning test
SD Buechel, A Boussard, A Kotrschal, W van der Bijl, N Kolm
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Breakdown of brain–body allometry and the encephalization of birds and mammals
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Female brain size affects the assessment of male attractiveness during mate choice
A Corral-López, NI Bloch, A Kotrschal, W van der Bijl, SD Buechel, ...
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Timing of diapause termination in relation to variation in winter climate
P Lehmann, W Van Der Bijl, S Nylin, CW Wheat, K Gotthard
Physiological Entomology 42 (3), 232-238, 2017
Package ‘phylolm’
LST Ho, C Ane, R Lachlan, K Tarpinian, R Feldman, Q Yu, W van der Bijl, ...
See http://cran. r-project. org/web/packages/phylolm/index. html (accessed …, 2016
Evolution of brain region volumes during artificial selection for relative brain size
A Kotrschal, HL Zeng, W van der Bijl, C Öhman‐Mägi, K Kotrschal, ...
Evolution 71 (12), 2942–2951, 2017
Why direct effects of predation complicate the social brain hypothesis: And how incorporation of explicit proximate behavioral mechanisms might help
W van der Bijl, N Kolm
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Extreme Y chromosome polymorphism corresponds to five male reproductive morphs of a freshwater fish
BA Sandkam, P Almeida, I Darolti, BLS Furman, W van der Bijl, J Morris, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 5 (7), 939-948, 2021
Rapid mosaic brain evolution under artificial selection for relative telencephalon size in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
S Fong, B Rogell, M Amcoff, A Kotrschal, W van der Bijl, SD Buechel, ...
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Morphology does not covary with predicted behavioral correlations of the domestication syndrome in dogs
C Hansen Wheat, W van der Bijl, CW Wheat
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Butterfly dichromatism primarily evolved via Darwin's, not Wallace's, model
W van der Bijl, D Zeuss, N Chazot, K Tunström, N Wahlberg, C Wiklund, ...
Evolution Letters 4 (6), 545-555, 2020
Dogs, but not wolves, lose their sensitivity toward novelty with age
C Hansen Wheat, W van der Bijl, H Temrin
Frontiers in psychology 10, 2001, 2019
Widespread cryptic variation in genetic architecture between the sexes
W van der Bijl, JE Mank
Evolution Letters 5 (4), 359-369, 2021
Assortative interactions revealed by sorting of animal groups
A Szorkovszky, A Kotrschal, JE Herbert-Read, SD Buechel, M Romenskyy, ...
Animal Behaviour 142, 165-179, 2018
High-resolution characterization of male ornamentation and re-evaluation of sex linkage in guppies
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No association between brain size and male sexual behavior in the guppy
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Revisiting the social brain hypothesis: contest duration depends on loser's brain size
W van der Bijl, SD Buechel, A Kotrschal, N Kolm
bioRxiv, 300335, 2018
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