Nargess Tahmasbi
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Conceptual foundations of crowdsourcing: A review of IS research
J Pedersen, D Kocsis, A Tripathi, A Tarrell, A Weerakoon, N Tahmasbi, ...
2013 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 579-588, 2013
Crowdsourcing: A snapshot of published research
A Tarrell, N Tahmasbi, D Kocsis, A Tripathi, J Pedersen, J Xiong, O Oh, ...
AMCIS, 2013
Crowdsourcing typology: a review of is research and organizations
A Tripathi, N Tahmasbi, D Khazanchi, L Najjar
MWAIS, 2014
A sociotechnical view of information diffusion and social changes: From reprint to retweet
O Oh, N Tahmasbi, HR Rao, GJ Vreede
ICIS, 2012
Participant Engagement in Community Crowdsourcing.
CD Nguyen, N Tahmasbi, T De Vreede, GJ De Vreede, O Oh, ...
ECIS, 2015
A socio-contextual approach in automated detection of cyberbullying
N Tahmasbi, E Rastegari
Vreede GJd.(2013) Conceptual foundations of crowdsourcing: a review of IS research
J Pedersen, D Kocsis, A Tripathi, A Tarrell, A Weerakoon, N Tahmasbi, ...
Proceedings of the 46th annual Hawaii international conference on system …, 0
Challenges and future directions of automated cyberbullying detection
N Tahmasbi, A Fuchsberger
A Socio-Contextual Approach in Automated Detection of Public Cyberbullying on Twitter
N Tahmasbi, E Rastegari
ACM Transactions on Social Computing 1 (4), 15, 2018
Theoretical Fashions in Crowdsourcing: A Snapshot of IS Research
A Tripathi, N Tahmasbi, GJ de Vreede
A Study of Norm Formation Dynamics in Online Crowds
N Tahmasbi
University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2016
A definition of community crowdsourcing engagement and application
C Nguyen, N Tahmasbi, T de Vreede, GJ de Vreede, O Oh, ...
Blurring the Boundaries Through Digital Innovation, 283-296, 2016
A Study of Emergent Norm Formation in Online Crowds
N Tahmasbi, GJ De Vreede
Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2015
Decision-Making Process Underlying Bystanders’ Helping Cyberbullying Victims: A Behavioral Economic Analysis of Role of Social Discounting
Y Hayashi, N Tahmasbi
Computers in Human Behavior, 106157, 2019
Get the Crowd Going–An Empirical Analysis toward a Crowdsourcing Engagement Model
N Tahmasbi, H Sternberg
Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2019
ChatterShield–A Multi-Platform Cyberbullying Detection System for Parents
N Tahmasbi, A Fuchsberger
Gamification for Achieving Sustained Engagement in Programming Classes
N Tahmasbi, A Fuchsberger
A Framework for Achieving Realism in Agent-Based Pedestrian Crowd Simulations
A Fuchsberger, N Tahmasbi, B Ricks
An Exploratory Analysis of the Evolution of Information Diffusion Pattern in Twitter Networks
N Tahmasbi
Exploring Network Structure and Information Diffusion Pattern of Twitter-The Jan Lokpal Movement Case
N Tahmasbi
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