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Weighted sum-rate maximization using weighted MMSE for MIMO-BC beamforming design
SS Christensen, R Agarwal, E De Carvalho, JM Cioffi
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 7 (12), 4792-4799, 2008
Cramer-Rao bounds for semi-blind, blind and training sequence based channel estimation
E De Carvalho, DTM Slock
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Wireless access for ultra-reliable low-latency communication: Principles and building blocks
P Popovski, JJ Nielsen, C Stefanovic, E De Carvalho, E Strom, ...
Ieee Network 32 (2), 16-23, 2018
Practical guide to MIMO radio channel: With MATLAB examples
T Brown, P Kyritsi, E De Carvalho
John Wiley & Sons, 2012
Hybrid forwarding scheme for cooperative relaying in OFDM based networks
B Can, H Yomo, E De Carvalho
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Improving the rates in wireless relay systems through superposition coding
P Popovski, E De Carvalho
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Blind and semi-blind FIR multichannel estimation:(global) identifiability conditions
E de Carvalho, DTM Slock
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Sum-rate optimization in a two-way relay network with buffering
H Liu, P Popovski, E De Carvalho, Y Zhao
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Efficient cooperative diversity schemes and radio resource allocation for IEEE 802.16 j
B Can, H Yanikomeroglu, FA Onat, E De Carvalho, H Yomo
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A leakage-based MMSE beamforming design for a MIMO interference channel
F Sun, E De Carvalho
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Channel estimation for multicarrier multiple input single output systems using the EM algorithm
CH Aldana, E de Carvalho, JM Cioffi
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Cramer-Rao bounds for blind multichannel estimation
E de Carvalho, J Cioffi, D Slock
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A CSI estimation method for wireless relay network
H Yomo, E De Carvalho
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Linear prediction based semi-blind estimation of MIMO FIR channels
A Medles, DTM Slock, E De Carvalho
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Sparse signal processing for grant-free massive connectivity: A future paradigm for random access protocols in the Internet of Things
L Liu, EG Larsson, W Yu, P Popovski, C Stefanovic, E De Carvalho
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Maximum-likelihood blind FIR multi-channel estimation with Gaussian prior for the symbols
E De Carvalho, DTM Slock
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Performance analysis of OFDM systems with adaptive sub carrier bandwidth
SS Das, E De Carvalho, R Prasad
IEEE transactions on wireless communications 7 (4), 1117-1122, 2008
Blind and semi-blind maximum likelihood methods for FIR multichannel identification
J Ayadi, E De Carvalho, DTM Slock
Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech …, 1998
A random access protocol for pilot allocation in crowded massive MIMO systems
E Björnson, E De Carvalho, JH Sørensen, EG Larsson, P Popovski
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 16 (4), 2220-2234, 2017
Semi-blind methods for FIR multichannel estimation
E De Carvalho, DTM Slock, G Giannakis, Y Hua, P Stoica, L Tong
Signal Processing Advances in Wireless & Mobile Communications 1, 2001
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