Erik Svensson Grape
Erik Svensson Grape
Andra namnErik S. Grape, E. S. Grape
University of Oregon, Uppsala University
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A Robust and Biocompatible Bismuth Ellagate MOF Synthesized Under Green Ambient Conditions
E Svensson Grape, JG Flores, T Hidalgo, E Martínez-Ahumada, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2020
3D electron diffraction as an important technique for structure elucidation of metal-organic frameworks and covalent organic frameworks
Z Huang, E Svensson Grape, J Li, AK Inge, X Zou
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 427, 213583, 2020
An Expandable Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Framework Characterized by Three-Dimensional Electron Diffraction
P Cui, E Svensson Grape, PR Spackman, Y Wu, R Clowes, GM Day, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2020
A Tunable Multivariate Metal–Organic Framework as a Platform for Designing Photocatalysts
Y Wang, H Lv, E Svensson Grape, CA Gaggioli, A Tayal, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (17), 6333-6338, 2021
Multistimuli-Responsive Enaminitrile Molecular Switches Displaying H+-Induced Aggregate Emission, Metal Ion-Induced Turn-On Fluorescence, and …
Y Ren, S Xie, E Svensson Grape, AK Inge, O Ramstrom
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (42), 13640-13643, 2018
A novel porous Ti‐squarate as efficient photocatalyst in the overall water splitting reaction under simulated Sunlight irradiation
P Salcedo‐Abraira, AA Babaryk, E Montero‐Lanzuela, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (52), 2106627, 2021
A Breathing Metal–Organic Framework Based on Flexible Inorganic Building Units
E Svensson Grape, H Xu, O Cheung, M Calmels, J Zhao, C Dejoie, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 20 (1), 320-329, 2019
Palladium-Catalyzed Stereospecific Oxidative Cascade Reaction of Allenes for the Construction of Pyrrole Rings: Control of Reactivity and Selectivity
MB Li, E Svensson Grape, JE Backvall
ACS Catalysis 9 (6), 5184-5190, 2019
Removal of pharmaceutical pollutants from effluent by a plant-based metal–organic framework
E Svensson Grape, AJ Chacón-García, S Rojas, Y Pérez, A Jaworski, ...
Nature Water 1 (5), 433-442, 2023
Mesoscale transformation of amorphous calcium carbonate to porous vaterite microparticles with morphology control
R Sun, T Willhammar, E Svensson Grape, M Strømme, O Cheung
Crystal growth & design 19 (9), 5075-5087, 2019
Simple approach to macrocyclic carbonates with fast polymerization rates and their polymer-to-monomer regeneration
J Huang, P Olsén, E Svensson Grape, AK Inge, K Odelius
Macromolecules 55 (2), 608-614, 2022
Toward sustainable li-ion battery recycling: green metal–organic framework as a molecular sieve for the selective separation of cobalt and nickel
J Piatek, TM Budnyak, S Monti, G Barcaro, R Gueret, ES Grape, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (29), 9770-9778, 2021
Metal–organic frameworks with hexakis (4-carboxyphenyl) benzene: Extensions to reticular chemistry and introducing foldable nets
FM Amombo Noa, E Svensson Grape, SM Brülls, O Cheung, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (20), 9471-9481, 2020
Microscopic Insights into Cation-Coupled Electron Hopping Transport in a Metal–Organic Framework
AT Castner, H Su, E Svensson Grape, AK Inge, BA Johnson, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 144 (13), 5910-5920, 2022
Structure of the active pharmaceutical ingredient bismuth subsalicylate
E Svensson Grape, V Rooth, M Nero, T Willhammar, AK Inge
Nature Communications 13 (1), 1-7, 2022
Polymorphous Indium Metal–Organic Frameworks Based on a Ferrocene Linker: Redox Activity, Porosity, and Structural Diversity
J Benecke, E Svensson Grape, A Fuß, S Wöhlbrandt, TA Engesser, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (14), 9969-9978, 2020
Silver‐Triggered Activity of a Heterogeneous Palladium Catalyst in Oxidative Carbonylation Reactions
MB Li, Y Yang, AA Rafi, M Oschmann, E Svensson Grape, AK Inge, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2020
Chiral Lanthanum Metal–Organic Framework with Gated CO2 Sorption and Concerted Framework Flexibility
FM Amombo Noa, ES Grape, M Åhlén, WE Reinholdsson, CR Göb, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022
Exploring the influence of atomic level structure, porosity, and stability of bismuth (iii) coordination polymers on electrocatalytic CO 2 reduction
S Frank, ES Grape, ED Bøjesen, R Larsen, P Lamagni, J Catalano, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9 (46), 26298-26310, 2021
A Tetratopic Phosphonic Acid for the Synthesis of Permanently Porous MOFs: Reactor Size-Dependent Product Formation and Crystal Structure Elucidation via Three-Dimensional …
S Wöhlbrandt, C Meier, H Reinsch, E Svensson Grape, AK Inge, N Stock
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (18), 13343-13352, 2020
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