Leonidas Matsakas
Leonidas Matsakas
Senior Lecturer in Luleå Tekniska Universitet
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Green conversion of municipal solid wastes into fuels and chemicals
L Matsakas, Q Gao, S Jansson, U Rova, P Christakopoulos
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Utilization of household food waste for the production of ethanol at high dry material content
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Lignin-first biomass fractionation using a hybrid organosolv–steam explosion pretreatment technology improves the saccharification and fermentability of spruce biomass
L Matsakas, V Raghavendran, O Yakimenko, G Persson, E Olsson, ...
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Sequential high gravity ethanol fermentation and anaerobic digestion of steam explosion and organosolv pretreated corn stover
C Katsimpouras, M Zacharopoulou, L Matsakas, U Rova, ...
Bioresource technology 244, 1129-1136, 2017
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