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Steven R. Holloway
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Two cases requiring external reinforcement in perceptual learning
AR Seitz, JE Nanez, S Holloway, Y Tsushima, T Watanabe
Journal of vision 6 (9), 9-9, 2006
Seeing what is not there shows the costs of perceptual learning
AR Seitz, JE Nanez, SR Holloway, S Koyama, T Watanabe
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Perceptual learning of motion leads to faster flicker perception
AR Seitz, JE Nanez Sr, SR Holloway, T Watanabe
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Visual experience can substantially alter critical flicker fusion thresholds
AR Seitz, JE Nanez, SR Holloway, T Watanabe
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Word-decoding as a function of temporal processing in the visual system
SR Holloway, JE Náñez Sr, AR Seitz
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Two visual training paradigms associated with enhanced critical flicker fusion threshold
T Zhou, JE Náñez Sr, D Zimmerman, SR Holloway, A Seitz
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The naïve physics curvilinear impetus bias does not occur for locomotion
MK McBeath, SE Brimhall, TS Miller, SR Holloway
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Two cases of a requirement of feedback for perceptual learning
SR Holloway, Y Tsushima, JE Náñez, T Watanabe, A Seitz
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Flicker fusion as a correlate of word decoding ability
JE Nanez Sr, SR Holloway, C Donahoe, AR Seitz
Journal of Vision (Charlottesville, VA.) 6 (6), 998, 2006
Task-Irrelevant Motion-Training Improves Word Decoding in Reading Disabled Participants
S Holloway, J Náñez Sr, M McBeath
Journal of Vision 17 (10), 1076-1076, 2017
Bilingualism’s Influence on Perceptual Learning of Word Decoding and Flicker Fusion
SR Holloway, JE Nanez Sr.
International Journal of Education and Social Sciences 4 (5), 6-13, 2017
Easter Egg Hunt Winners use Competition-Density Minimizing Foraging Strategy to “Bring Home the Bacon”(and Eggs)
S Holloway, M McBeath, K Van Etten
Journal of Vision 15 (12), 408-408, 2015
Three colossal neurons: A new approach to an old classroom demonstration
SR Holloway
Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education 12 (1), A1, 2013
New objective psychophysical methodology for independently assessing dorsal and ventral processing systems in human vision
SR Holloway, I Dolgov, MK McBeath
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Right-side walking bias is additive for approaching pedestrians
M McBeath, G Petit, S Holloway
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Evidence Supporting Neuro-modulator Release as a Function Perceptual Learning.
SR Holloway, JE Náñez, MK McBeath
Journal of Vision 19 (10), 30-30, 2019
Delineating the "Task-Irrelevant" Perceptual Learning Paradigm in the Context of Temporal Paring, Auditory Pitch, and the Reading Disabled
SR Holloway
Anatomically-driven Visual Neural Model Assessments Predict Temporal Thresholds Associated with the Dorsal and Ventral Systems
SR Holloway, MK McBeath
Journal of Vision 14 (10), 52-52, 2014
Artificial Neural Networks Susceptible to Geometric Visual Illusions
SR Holloway, FJK da Silva, MK McBeath
Journal of Vision 13 (9), 814-814, 2013
Color Helps Isolate Dorsal Stream Contribution to Shape-Recognition Task
SR Holloway, MK McBeath, SL Macknik
Journal of Vision 12 (9), 1311-1311, 2012
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