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Onur Parlak
Onur Parlak
Assistant Professor, Karolinska Institute
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Molecularly selective nanoporous membrane-based wearable organic electrochemical device for noninvasive cortisol sensing
O Parlak, ST Keene, A Marais, VF Curto, A Salleo
Science advances 4 (7), eaar2904, 2018
Structuring Au nanoparticles on two-dimensional MoS2 nanosheets for electrochemical glucose biosensors
O Parlak, A İncel, L Uzun, APF Turner, A Tiwari
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89, 545-550, 2017
Wearable Organic Electrochemical Transistor Patch for Multiplexed Sensing of Calcium and Ammonium Ions from Human Perspiration
ST Keene, D Fogarty, R Cooke, CD Casadevall, A Salleo, O Parlak
Advanced Healthcare Materials 8 (24), 1901321, 2019
Template-directed hierarchical self-assembly of graphene based hybrid structure for electrochemical biosensing
O Parlak, A Tiwari, APF Turner, A Tiwari
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 49, 53-62, 2013
Organic electronics for point-of-care metabolite monitoring
AM Pappa, O Parlak, G Scheiblin, P Mailley, A Salleo, RM Owens
Trends in biotechnology 36 (1), 45-59, 2018
Synthesis of amidoximated polyacrylonitrile fibers and its application for sorption of aqueous uranyl ions under continuous flow
N Horzum, T Shahwan, O Parlak, MM Demir
Chemical Engineering Journal 213, 41-49, 2012
On/Off‐Switchable Zipper‐Like Bioelectronics on a Graphene Interface
O Parlak, APF Turner, A Tiwari
Advanced Materials 26 (3), 482-486, 2014
Toward Transparent Nanocomposites Based on Polystyrene Matrix and PMMA-Grafted CeO2 Nanoparticles
O Parlak, MM Demir
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (11), 4306-4314, 2011
Hierarchical Aerographite nano-microtubular tetrapodal networks based electrodes as lightweight supercapacitor
O Parlak, YK Mishra, A Grigoriev, M Mecklenburg, W Luo, S Keene, ...
Nano Energy 34, 570-577, 2017
Portable and wearable real-time stress monitoring: A critical review
O Parlak
Sensors and Actuators Reports 3, 100036, 2021
pH-induced on/off-switchable graphene bioelectronics
O Parlak, APF Turner, A Tiwari
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (37), 7434-7439, 2015
Acetylene-sourced CVD-synthesised catalytically active graphene for electrochemical biosensing
AO Osikoya, O Parlak, NA Murugan, ED Dikio, H Moloto, L Uzun, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89, 496-504, 2017
Wearable Bioelectronics
APF Turner, A Salleo, O Parlak
Elsevier, 2019
Recent advancement in electrode materials and fabrication, microfluidic designs, and self-powered systems for wearable non-invasive electrochemical glucose monitoring
A Sanati, Y Esmaeili, E Bidram, L Shariati, M Rafienia, S Mahshid, ...
Applied Materials Today 26, 101350, 2022
Switchable bioelectronics
O Parlak, APF Turner
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 76, 251-265, 2016
Switchable bioelectrocatalysis controlled by dual stimuli-responsive polymeric interface
O Parlak, M Ashaduzzaman, SB Kollipara, A Tiwari, APF Turner
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (43), 23837-23847, 2015
Programmable bioelectronics in a stimuli-encoded 3D graphene interface
O Parlak, S Beyazit, B Tse-Sum-Bui, K Haupt, APF Turner, A Tiwari
Nanoscale 8 (19), 9976-9981, 2016
Self-reporting micellar polymer nanostructures for optical urea biosensing
SK Shukla, O Parlak, SK Shukla, S Mishra, APF Turner, A Tiwari
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (20), 8509-8514, 2014
Current Progress of interfacing organic semiconducting materials with bacteria
SR McCuskey, J Chatsirisupachai, E Zeglio, O Parlak, P Panoy, ...
Chemical Reviews 122 (4), 4791-4825, 2021
Null extinction of ceria@ silica hybrid particles: Transparent polystyrene composites
A İncel, T Güner, O Parlak, MM Demir
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (49), 27539-27546, 2015
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