Gianluca Grenci
Gianluca Grenci
Senior Research Scientist, Mechanobiology Institute (MBI) - National University of Singapore
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Chemical vapour deposition of zeolitic imidazolate framework thin films
I Stassen, M Styles, G Grenci, H Van Gorp, W Vanderlinden, S De Feyter, ...
Nature materials 15 (3), 304-310, 2016
3D high-and super-resolution imaging using single-objective SPIM
R Galland, G Grenci, A Aravind, V Viasnoff, V Studer, JB Sibarita
Nature methods 12 (7), 641-644, 2015
Liquid biopsy and therapeutic response: Circulating tumor cell cultures for evaluation of anticancer treatment
BL Khoo, G Grenci, T Jing, YB Lim, SC Lee, JP Thiery, J Han, CT Lim
Science advances 2 (7), e1600274, 2016
Combining UV Lithography and an Imprinting Technique for Patterning Metal‐Organic Frameworks
CM Doherty, G Grenci, R Riccò, JI Mardel, J Reboul, S Furukawa, ...
Advanced materials 25 (34), 4701-4705, 2013
Infrared microspectroscopy of live cells in microfluidic devices (MD-IRMS): toward a powerful label-free cell-based assay
L Vaccari, G Birarda, L Businaro, S Pacor, G Grenci
Analytical chemistry 84 (11), 4768-4775, 2012
Expansion of patient-derived circulating tumor cells from liquid biopsies using a CTC microfluidic culture device
BL Khoo, G Grenci, YB Lim, SC Lee, J Han, CT Lim
nature protocols 13 (1), 34-58, 2018
Acceleration of neuronal precursors differentiation induced by substrate nanotopography
E Migliorini, G Grenci, J Ban, A Pozzato, M Tormen, M Lazzarino, V Torre, ...
Biotechnology and bioengineering 108 (11), 2736-2746, 2011
Infrared microspectroscopy of biochemical response of living cells in microfabricated devices
G Birarda, G Grenci, L Businaro, B Marmiroli, S Pacor, F Piccirilli, ...
Vibrational spectroscopy 53 (1), 6-11, 2010
Fabrication of Advanced Functional Devices Combining Soft Chemistry with X‐ray Lithography in One Step
P Falcaro, L Malfatti, L Vaccari, H Amenitsch, B Marmiroli, G Grenci, ...
Advanced Materials 21 (48), 4932-4936, 2009
Hierarchical porous silica films with ultralow refractive index
P Falcaro, L Malfatti, T Kidchob, G Giannini, A Falqui, MF Casula, ...
Chemistry of Materials 21 (10), 2055-2061, 2009
Free jet micromixer to study fast chemical reactions by small angle X-ray scattering
B Marmiroli, G Grenci, F Cacho-Nerin, B Sartori, E Ferrari, P Laggner, ...
Lab on a Chip 9 (14), 2063-2069, 2009
Fabrication of a microfluidic platform for investigating dynamic biochemical processes in living samples by FTIR microspectroscopy
G Birarda, G Grenci, L Businaro, B Marmiroli, S Pacor, L Vaccari
Microelectronic engineering 87 (5-8), 806-809, 2010
Poly vinyl alcohol re-usable masters for microneedle replication
M Matteucci, M Fanetti, M Casella, F Gramatica, L Gavioli, M Tormen, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 86 (4-6), 752-756, 2009
SU-8 bonding protocol for the fabrication of microfluidic devices dedicated to FTIR microspectroscopy of live cells
E Mitri, G Birarda, L Vaccari, S Kenig, M Tormen, G Grenci
Lab on a Chip 14 (1), 210-218, 2014
Top-down patterning of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework composite thin films by deep X-ray lithography
C Dimitrakakis, B Marmiroli, H Amenitsch, L Malfatti, P Innocenzi, ...
Chemical Communications 48 (60), 7483-7485, 2012
Writing self-assembled mesostructured films with in situ formation of gold nanoparticles
L Malfatti, D Marongiu, S Costacurta, P Falcaro, H Amenitsch, B Marmiroli, ...
Chemistry of Materials 22 (6), 2132-2137, 2010
Direct nano-in-micropatterning of TiO 2 thin layers and TiO 2/Pt nanoelectrode arrays by deep X-ray lithography
M Faustini, B Marmiroli, L Malfatti, B Louis, N Krins, P Falcaro, G Grenci, ...
Journal of materials chemistry 21 (11), 3597-3603, 2011
Development of stable and reproducible biosensors based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy: Three-electrode versus two-electrode setup
L Ianeselli, G Grenci, C Callegari, M Tormen, L Casalis
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 55, 1-6, 2014
Design, fabrication and evaluation of nanoscale surface topography as a tool in directing differentiation and organisation of embryonic stem-cell-derived neural precursors
GJ Bakeine, J Ban, G Grenci, A Pozzato, S Dal Zilio, M Prasciolu, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 86 (4-6), 1435-1438, 2009
Novel hybrid organic–inorganic spin‐on resist for electron‐or photon‐based nanolithography with outstanding resistance to dry etching
E Zanchetta, GD Giustina, G Grenci, A Pozzato, M Tormen, G Brusatin
Advanced Materials 25 (43), 6261-6265, 2013
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