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Essential requirement for two-pore channel 1 in NAADP-mediated calcium signaling
E Brailoiu, D Churamani, X Cai, MG Schrlau, GC Brailoiu, X Gao, ...
The Journal of cell biology 186 (2), 201-209, 2009
Photoaffinity labeling of nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP) targets in mammalian cells
Y Lin-Moshier, TF Walseth, D Churamani, SM Davidson, JT Slama, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (4), 2296-2307, 2012
An NAADP-gated two-pore channel targeted to the plasma membrane uncouples triggering from amplifying Ca2+ signals
E Brailoiu, T Rahman, D Churamani, DL Prole, GC Brailoiu, R Hooper, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (49), 38511-38516, 2010
An ancestral deuterostome family of two-pore channels mediates nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate-dependent calcium release from acidic organelles
E Brailoiu, R Hooper, X Cai, GC Brailoiu, MV Keebler, NJ Dun, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (5), 2897-2901, 2010
The Two-pore channel (TPC) interactome unmasks isoform-specific roles for TPCs in endolysosomal morphology and cell pigmentation
Y Lin-Moshier, MV Keebler, R Hooper, MJ Boulware, X Liu, D Churamani, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (36), 13087-13092, 2014
Membrane topology of NAADP-sensitive two-pore channels and their regulation by N-linked glycosylation
R Hooper, D Churamani, E Brailoiu, CW Taylor, S Patel
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (11), 9141-9149, 2011
Novel protein kinase C-mediated control of Orai1 function in invasive melanoma
R Hooper, X Zhang, M Webster, C Go, J Kedra, K Marchbank, DL Gill, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 35 (16), 2790-2798, 2015
Domain assembly of NAADP-gated two-pore channels
D Churamani, R Hooper, E Brailoiu, S Patel
Biochemical Journal 441 (1), 317-323, 2012
Multifaceted roles of STIM proteins
R Hooper, E Samakai, J Kedra, J Soboloff
Pflügers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology 465 (10), 1383-1396, 2013
The N-terminal region of two-pore channel 1 regulates trafficking and activation by NAADP
D Churamani, R Hooper, T Rahman, E Brailoiu, S Patel
Biochemical Journal 453 (1), 147-151, 2013
NAADP on target
R Hooper, S Patel
Calcium Signaling, 325-347, 2012
Neuronal STIMulation at rest
R Hooper, BS Rothberg, J Soboloff
Sci. Signal. 7 (335), pe18-pe18, 2014
The heterogeneity of store-operated calcium entry in melanoma
R Hooper, MR Zaidi, J Soboloff
Science China Life Sciences 59 (8), 764-769, 2016
Mitochondrial pyruvate and fatty acid flux modulate MICU1-dependent control of MCU activity
N Nemani, Z Dong, CC Daw, TR Madaris, K Ramachandran, BT Enslow, ...
Science Signaling 13 (628), 2020
STIMATE reveals a STIM1 transitional state
R Hooper, J Soboloff
Nature cell biology 17 (10), 1232, 2015
Novel STIM1-dependent control of Ca2+ clearance regulates NFAT activity during T-cell activation
E Samakai, R Hooper, KA Martin, M Shmurak, Y Zhang, DJ Kappes, ...
The FASEB Journal 30 (11), 3878-3886, 2016
EGR-mediated control of STIM expression and function
CK Go, S Gross, R Hooper, J Soboloff
Cell calcium, 2018
The critical role of STIM1-dependent Ca2+ signalling during T-cell development and activation
E Samakai, R Hooper, J Soboloff
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 45 (11), 2491-2495, 2013
Agonist-selective effects of opioid receptor ligands on cytosolic calcium concentration in rat striatal neurons
GC Brailoiu, E Deliu, R Hooper, NJ Dun, AS Undieh, MW Adler, ...
Drug and alcohol dependence 123 (1-3), 277-281, 2012
TPC1 knockout knocks out TPC1
R Hooper, D Churamani, SM Davidson, Y Lin-Moshier, TF Walseth, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 35 (10), 1882-1883, 2015
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