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Landslide monitoring by using ground-based SAR interferometry: an example of application to the Tessina landslide in Italy
D Tarchi, N Casagli, R Fanti, DD Leva, G Luzi, A Pasuto, M Pieraccini, ...
Engineering geology 68 (1-2), 15-30, 2003
Temporal analysis of a landslide by means of a ground-based SAR interferometer
D Leva, G Nico, D Tarchi, J Fortuny-Guasch, AJ Sieber
IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 41 (4), 745-752, 2003
Ground-based SAR interferometry for monitoring mass movements
G Antonello, N Casagli, P Farina, D Leva, G Nico, AJ Sieber, D Tarchi
Landslides 1 (1), 21-28, 2004
SAR interferometry for structural changes detection: A demonstration test on a dam
D Tarchi, H Rudolf, G Luzi, L Chiarantini, P Coppo, AJ Sieber
IEEE 1999 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. IGARSS'99 …, 1999
Monitoring landslide displacements by using ground‐based synthetic aperture radar interferometry: Application to the Ruinon landslide in the Italian Alps
D Tarchi, N Casagli, S Moretti, D Leva, AJ Sieber
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 108 (B8), 2003
A ground-based parasitic SAR experiment
L Cazzani, C Colesanti, D Leva, G Nesti, C Prati, F Rocca, D Tarchi
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 38 (5), 2132-2141, 2000
Landslide monitoring by ground-based radar interferometry: a field test in Valdarno (Italy)
M Pieraccini, N Casagli, G Luzi, D Tarchi, D Mecatti, L Noferini, C Atzeni
International Journal of Remote Sensing 24 (6), 1385-1391, 2003
Remote monitoring of buildings using a ground-based SAR: application to cultural heritage survey
D Tarchi, H Rudolf, M Pieraccini, C Atzeni
International Journal of Remote Sensing 21 (18), 3545-3551, 2000
Are true scalar proton—proton connectivities ever measured in COSY spectra of paramagnetic macromolecules?
I Bertini, C Luchinat, D Tarchi
Chemical physics letters 203 (5-6), 445-449, 1993
On the monitoring of illicit vessel discharges using spaceborne SAR remote sensing-a reconnaissance study in the Mediterranean sea
P Pavlakis, D Tarchi, AJ Sieber
Annales des télécommunications 56 (11-12), 700-718, 2001
Experimental validation of surface scattering and emission models
G Macelloni, G Nesti, P Pampaloni, S Sigismondi, D Tarchi, S Lolli
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 38 (1), 459-469, 2000
MIMO radar and ground-based SAR imaging systems: Equivalent approaches for remote sensing
D Tarchi, F Oliveri, PF Sammartino
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 51 (1), 425-435, 2012
Space‐borne and ground‐based SAR interferometry as tools for landslide hazard management in civil protection
A Corsini, P Farina, G Antonello, M Barbieri, N Casagli, F Coren, L Guerri, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 27 (12), 2351-2369, 2006
A mobile and versatile SAR system
H Rudolf, D Leva, D Tarchi, AJ Sieber
IEEE 1999 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. IGARSS'99 …, 1999
Deformation of Stromboli Volcano (Italy) during the 2007 eruption revealed by radar interferometry, numerical modelling and structural geological field data
N Casagli, A Tibaldi, A Merri, C Del Ventisette, T Apuani, L Guerri, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 182 (3-4), 182-200, 2009
Towards an operational use of space imagery for oil pollution monitoring in the Mediterranean basin: A demonstration in the Adriatic Sea
G Ferraro, A Bernardini, M David, S Meyer-Roux, O Muellenhoff, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 54 (4), 403-422, 2007
Long term monitoring of oil spills in European seas
G Ferraro, S Meyer‐Roux, O Muellenhoff, M Pavliha, J Svetak, D Tarchi, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 30 (3), 627-645, 2009
Monitoring of structural changes by radar interferometry
D Tarchi, E Ohlmer, A Sieber
Journal of Research in Nondestructive Evaluation 9 (4), 213-225, 1997
Ground-based SAR interferometry for terrain mapping: Theory and sensitivity analysis
G Nico, D Leva, G Antonello, D Tarchi
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 42 (6), 1344-1350, 2004
SAR imaging with noise radar
D Tarchi, K Lukin, J Fortuny-Guasch, A Mogyla, P Vyplavin, A Sieber
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic systems 46 (3), 1214-1225, 2010
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