Kenji Okada
Kenji Okada
Osaka Prefecture University
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Centimetre-scale micropore alignment in oriented polycrystalline metal–organic framework films via heteroepitaxial growth
P Falcaro, K Okada, T Hara, K Ikigaki, Y Tokudome, AW Thornton, AJ Hill, ...
Nature materials 16 (3), 342-348, 2017
Copper Conversion into Cu(OH)2 Nanotubes for Positioning Cu3(BTC)2 MOF Crystals: Controlling the Growth on Flat Plates, 3D Architectures, and as Patterns
K Okada, R Ricco, Y Tokudome, MJ Styles, AJ Hill, M Takahashi, ...
Advanced functional materials 24 (14), 1969-1977, 2014
MOF‐on‐MOF: Oriented Growth of Multiple Layered Thin Films of Metal–Organic Frameworks
K Ikigaki, K Okada, Y Tokudome, T Toyao, P Falcaro, CJ Doonan, ...
Angewandte Chemie 131 (21), 6960-6964, 2019
Positioning of the HKUST-1 metal–organic framework (Cu 3 (BTC) 2) through conversion from insoluble Cu-based precursors
T Toyao, K Liang, K Okada, R Ricco, MJ Styles, Y Tokudome, Y Horiuchi, ...
Inorganic chemistry frontiers 2 (5), 434-441, 2015
Switchable and reversible water adhesion on superhydrophobic titanate nanostructures fabricated on soft substrates: photopatternable wettability and thermomodulatable adhesivity
Y Tokudome, K Okada, A Nakahira, M Takahashi
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (1), 58-61, 2014
Titanate nanofunnel brushes: toward functional interfacial applications
K Okada, Y Tokudome, P Falcaro, Y Takamatsu, A Nakahira, M Takahashi
Chemical Communications 48 (49), 6130-6132, 2012
High rate capability by sulfur-doping into LiFePO 4 matrix
K Okada, I Kimura, K Machida
RSC advances 8 (11), 5848-5853, 2018
Macroporous Titanate Nanotube/TiO2 Monolith for Fast and Large-Capacity Cation Exchange
K Okada, G Asakura, Y Tokudome, A Nakahira, M Takahashi
Chemistry of Materials 27 (5), 1885-1891, 2015
Microfabrication of mesoporous silica encapsulated enzymes using deep X-ray lithography
CM Doherty, Y Gao, B Marmiroli, H Amenitsch, F Lisi, L Malfatti, K Okada, ...
Journal of materials chemistry 22 (32), 16191-16195, 2012
Electrochemical sensing and catalysis using Cu 3 (BTC) 2 coating electrodes from Cu (OH) 2 films
K Okada, S Sawai, K Ikigaki, Y Tokudome, P Falcaro, M Takahashi
CrystEngComm 19 (29), 4194-4200, 2017
Highly oriented growth of titanate nanotubes (TNTs) in micro and confinement spaces on sol–gel derived amorphous TiO2 thin films under moderate hydrothermal …
K Okada, Y Takamatsu, Y Tokudome, A Nakahira, M Takahashi
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 65 (1), 36-40, 2013
Coffee stain-driven self-assembly of mesoporous rings
L Malfatti, Y Tokudome, K Okada, S Yagi, M Takahashi, P Innocenzi
Microporous and mesoporous materials 163, 356-362, 2012
Micropattern Formation by Molecular Migration via UV‐induced Dehydration of Block Copolymers
K Okada, Y Tokudome, R Makiura, K Konstas, L Malfatti, P Innocenzi, ...
Advanced functional materials 24 (19), 2801-2809, 2014
Metal-organic framework thin films from copper hydroxide nano-assemblies
K Ikigaki, K Okada, Y Tokudome, M Takahashi
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 89 (1), 128-134, 2019
Superhydrophobic adhesive surface on titanate nanotube brushes through surface modification by capric acid
K Okada, Y Tokudome, M Takahashi
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 79 (2), 389-394, 2016
Imparting CO 2 reduction selectivity to ZnGa 2 O 4 photocatalysts by crystallization from hetero nano assembly of amorphous-like metal hydroxides
M Takemoto, Y Tokudome, S Kikkawa, K Teramura, T Tanaka, K Okada, ...
RSC Advances 10 (14), 8066-8073, 2020
Anisotropic and Reversible Deformation of Mesopores and Mesostructures in Silica-Based Films under Mechanical Stimuli toward Adaptive Optical Components
K Okada, G Asakura, T Yamamoto, Y Tokudome, M Takahashi
ACS Applied Nano Materials 2 (4), 2377-2382, 2019
One-dimensional metal hydroxide nanomaterials with macroscopically controlled orientation and aggregation: fascinating surface hydroxyl groups on anisotropic structures for …
K Okada
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 128 (9), 627-634, 2020
Synthesis of a Crystalline and Transparent Aerogel Composed of Ni–Al Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoparticles through Crystallization from Amorphous Hydrogel
M Takemoto, Y Tokudome, D Noguchi, R Ueoka, K Kanamori, K Okada, ...
Langmuir 36 (32), 9436-9442, 2020
Controlling the alignment of 1D nanochannel arrays in oriented metal-organic framework films for host-guest materials design
C Doonan
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