"K.M. Paraskevopoulos" OR "Paraskevopoulos K.M." OR "K. Paraskevopoulos" OR "Paraskevopoulos K."
"K.M. Paraskevopoulos" OR "Paraskevopoulos K.M." OR "K. Paraskevopoulos" OR "Paraskevopoulos K."
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Spinodal Decomposition and Nucleation and Growth as a Means to Bulk Nanostructured Thermoelectrics:  Enhanced Performance in Pb1-xSnxTe−PbS
J Androulakis, CH Lin, HJ Kong, C Uher, CI Wu, T Hogan, BA Cook, ...
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Effect of acid treated multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the mechanical, permeability, thermal properties and thermo-oxidative stability of isotactic polypropylene
D Bikiaris, A Vassiliou, K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, ...
Polymer Degradation and Stability 93 (5), 952-967, 2008
Sintering and crystallisation of 45S5 Bioglass® powder
O Bretcanu, X Chatzistavrou, K Paraskevopoulos, R Conradt, I Thompson, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 29 (16), 3299-3306, 2009
Thermal degradation mechanism of poly (ethylene succinate) and poly (butylene succinate): comparative study
K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, DN Bikiaris
Thermochimica acta 435 (2), 142-150, 2005
Comparative study of the effect of different nanoparticles on the mechanical properties and thermal degradation mechanism of in situ prepared poly (ε-caprolactone) nanocomposites
K Chrissafis, G Antoniadis, KM Paraskevopoulos, A Vassiliou, DN Bikiaris
Composites science and technology 67 (10), 2165-2174, 2007
Thermal degradation mechanism of HDPE nanocomposites containing fumed silica nanoparticles
K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, E Pavlidou, D Bikiaris
Thermochimica Acta 485 (1-2), 65-71, 2009
Thermal and dynamic mechanical behavior of bionanocomposites: fumed silica nanoparticles dispersed in poly (vinyl pyrrolidone), chitosan, and poly (vinyl alcohol)
K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, GZ Papageorgiou, DN Bikiaris
Journal of applied polymer science 110 (3), 1739-1749, 2008
Effect of different nanoparticles on HDPE UV stability
I Grigoriadou, KM Paraskevopoulos, K Chrissafis, E Pavlidou, ...
Polymer degradation and stability 96 (1), 151-163, 2011
Synthesis, characterization and thermal analysis of urea–formaldehyde/nanoSiO2 resins
E Roumeli, E Papadopoulou, E Pavlidou, G Vourlias, D Bikiaris, ...
Thermochimica Acta 527, 33-39, 2012
Comparative study of the effect of different nanoparticles on the mechanical properties, permeability, and thermal degradation mechanism of HDPE
K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, I Tsiaoussis, D Bikiaris
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 114 (3), 1606-1618, 2009
Characterization and thermal degradation mechanism of isotactic polypropylene/carbon black nanocomposites
K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, SY Stavrev, A Docoslis, A Vassiliou, ...
Thermochimica Acta 465 (1-2), 6-17, 2007
Thermal degradation kinetics of the biodegradable aliphatic polyester, poly (propylene succinate)
K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, DN Bikiaris
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Urea-formaldehyde resins characterized by thermal analysis and FTIR method
T Zorba, E Papadopoulou, A Hatjiissaak, K Paraskevopoulos, K Chrissafis
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 92 (1), 29-33, 2008
Synthesis, characterization and thermal degradation mechanism of three poly (alkylene adipate) s: Comparative study
T Zorba, K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, DN Bikiaris
Polymer Degradation and Stability 92 (2), 222-230, 2007
Hydroxy carbonate apatite formation on particulate bioglass in vitro as a function of time
E Kontonasaki, T Zorba, L Papadopoulou, E Pavlidou, X Chatzistavrou, ...
Crystal Research and Technology: Journal of Experimental and Industrial …, 2002
Substitution of Bi for Sb and its Role in the Thermoelectric Properties and Nanostructuring in Ag1−xPb18MTe20 (M = Bi, Sb) (x = 0, 0.14, 0.3)
MK Han, K Hoang, H Kong, R Pcionek, C Uher, KM Paraskevopoulos, ...
Chemistry of Materials 20 (10), 3512-3520, 2008
Insight into catalysis of nitrous oxide reductase from high-resolution structures of resting and inhibitor-bound enzyme from Achromobacter cycloclastes
K Paraskevopoulos, SV Antonyuk, RG Sawers, RR Eady, SS Hasnain
Journal of molecular biology 362 (1), 55-65, 2006
Comparative study of lanthanide oxide doped titanium dioxide photocatalysts prepared by coprecipitation and sol–gel process
X Quan, Q Zhao, H Tan, X Sang, F Wang, Y Dai
Materials Chemistry and Physics 114 (1), 90-98, 2009
Effect of molecular weight on thermal degradation mechanism of the biodegradable polyester poly (ethylene succinate)
K Chrissafis, KM Paraskevopoulos, DN Bikiaris
Thermochimica Acta 440 (2), 166-175, 2006
Efficiency study of a commercial thermoelectric power generator (TEG) under thermal cycling
E Hatzikraniotis, KT Zorbas, I Samaras, T Kyratsi, KM Paraskevopoulos
Journal of Electronic Materials 39 (9), 2112-2116, 2010
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