Sergio Diaz-Tendero
Sergio Diaz-Tendero
Departamento de Química - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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Mechanical Isolation of Highly Stable Antimonene under Ambient Conditions
P Ares, F Aguilar‐Galindo, D Rodríguez‐San‐Miguel, DA Aldave, ...
Advanced Materials, 2016
Theoretical study of ionization potentials and dissociation energies of Cnq+ fullerenes (n= 50-60, q= 0, 1 and 2)
S Diaz-Tendero, M Alcami, F Martin
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S Díaz-Tendero, M Alcamí, F Martín
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Fullerene C 50: Sphericity takes over, not strain
S Díaz-Tendero, M Alcamí, F Martín
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Structure and Electronic Properties of Fullerenes C52q+: Is C522+ an Exception to the Pentagon Adjacency Penalty Rule?
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Dynamics of glycine dications in the gas phase: ultrafast intramolecular hydrogen migration versus Coulomb repulsion
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Highly Enantioselective Construction of Tricyclic Derivatives by the Desymmetrization of Cyclohexadienones
C Martín‐Santos, C Jarava‐Barrera, S del Pozo, A Parra, S Díaz‐Tendero, ...
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Enantioselective Synthesis of 4‐Isoxazolines by 1, 3‐Dipolar Cycloadditions of Nitrones to Alkynals Catalyzed by Fluorodiphenylmethylpyrrolidines
J Alemán, A Fraile, L Marzo, JLG Ruano, C Izquierdo, S Díaz‐Tendero
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Statistical fragmentation of small neutral carbon clusters
S Díaz-Tendero, PA Hervieux, M Alcamí, F Martín
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A Multicoincidence Study of Fragmentation Dynamics in Collision of γ‐Aminobutyric Acid with Low‐Energy Ions
M Capron, S Díaz‐Tendero, S Maclot, A Domaracka, E Lattouf, A Ławicki, ...
Chemistry-A European Journal 18 (30), 9321-9332, 2012
Ionization potentials and dissociation energies of neutral, singly and doubly charged C n fullerenes from n= 20 to 70
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Structural Patterns in Fullerenes Showing Adjacent Pentagons: C20 to C72
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A Rentenier, LF Ruiz, S Díaz-Tendero, B Zarour, P Moretto-Capelle, ...
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Cage connectivity and frontier [pi] orbitals govern the relative stability of charged fullerene isomers
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Multiple ionization and hydrogen loss from neutral and positively-charged coronene
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Expanding the Scope of Arylsulfonylacetylenes as Alkynylating Reagents and Mechanistic Insights in the Formation of Csp2 Csp and Csp3 Csp Bonds from Organolithiums
JL García Ruano, J Alemán, L Marzo, C Alvarado, M Tortosa, ...
Chemistry-A European Journal 18 (27), 8414-8422, 2012
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