Thomas Larsson
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Collision detection for continuously deforming bodies.
T Larsson, T Akenine-Möller
Eurographics (Short Presentations), 2001
A dynamic bounding volume hierarchy for generalized collision detection
T Larsson, T Akenine-Möller
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Efficient collision detection for models deformed by morphing
T Larsson, T Akenine-Möller
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The child’s perspective as a guiding principle: Young children as co-designers in the design of an interactive application meant to facilitate participation in healthcare …
A Stålberg, A Sandberg, M Söderbäck, T Larsson
Journal of biomedical informatics 61, 149-158, 2016
Game ethics-Homo Ludens as a computer game designer and consumer
G Dodig-Crnkovic, T Larsson
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A cascade classifier for diagnosis of melanoma in clinical images
P Sabouri, H GholamHosseini, T Larsson, J Collins
2014 36th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2014
Fast and tight fitting bounding spheres
T Larsson
Proceedings of The Annual SIGRAD Conference, 27-30, 2008
Strategies for bounding volume hierarchy updates for ray tracing of deformable models
T Larsson, T Akenine-Möller
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Fast and robust approximation of smallest enclosing balls in arbitrary dimensions
T Larsson, L Källberg
Computer Graphics Forum 32 (5), 93-101, 2013
Intelligent adaptive control using multiple models
D Filev, T Larsson
Proceeding of the 2001 IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Control …, 2001
Intelligent control for automotive manufacturing-rule based guided adaptation
D Filev, T Larsson, L Ma
2000 26th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society …, 2000
On faster sphere-box overlap testing
T Larsson, T Akenine-Möller, E Lengyel
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Bounding volume hierarchies of slab cut balls
T Larsson, T Akenine‐Möller
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Curious, thoughtful and affirmative—Young children's meanings of participation in healthcare situations when using an interactive communication tool
A Stålberg, A Sandberg, T Larsson, I Coyne, M Söderbäck
Journal of clinical nursing 27 (1-2), 235-246, 2018
Adaptive collision culling for massive simulations by a parallel and context-aware sweep and prune algorithm
G Capannini, T Larsson
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 24 (7), 2064-2077, 2017
Adaptive bounding volume hierarchies for efficient collision queries
T Larsson
Mälardalen University, 2009
Parallel computation of optimal enclosing balls by iterative orthant scan
T Larsson, G Capannini, L Källberg
Computers & Graphics 56, 1-10, 2016
16.11. 2011. Ny skandal på Carema-boe. SVT Nyheter
O Gun, T Larsson
Using an interactive communication tool in healthcare situations: Patterns in young children’s use of participation cues
A Stålberg, A Sandberg, I Coyne, T Larsson, M Söderbäck
Journal of Child Health Care 23 (4), 613-625, 2019
Faster approximation of minimum enclosing balls by distance filtering and GPU parallelization
L Källberg, T Larsson
Journal of Graphics Tools 17 (3), 67-84, 2013
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