Peter B. E. Sandersen
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Buried and open tunnel valleys in Denmark—erosion beneath multiple ice sheets
F Jørgensen, PBE Sandersen
Quaternary Science Reviews 25 (11-12), 1339-1363, 2006
Imaging buried Quaternary valleys using the transient electromagnetic method
F Jørgensen, PBE Sandersen, E Auken
Journal of Applied Geophysics 53 (4), 199-213, 2003
Geophysical investigations of buried Quaternary valleys in Denmark: an integrated application of transient electromagnetic soundings, reflection seismic surveys and exploratory …
F Jørgensen, H Lykke-Andersen, PBE Sandersen, E Auken, E Nørmark
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Buried Quaternary valleys in western Denmark—occurrence and inferred implications for groundwater resources and vulnerability
PBE Sandersen, F Jørgensen
Journal of Applied Geophysics 53 (4), 229-248, 2003
3D geological modelling of a complex buried-valley network delineated from borehole and AEM data
AS Høyer, F Jørgensen, PBE Sandersen, A Viezzoli, I Møller
Journal of Applied Geophysics 122, 94-102, 2015
A method for cognitive 3D geological voxel modelling of AEM data
F Jørgensen, RR Møller, L Nebel, NP Jensen, AV Christiansen, ...
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 72 (3), 421-432, 2013
Contributions to the geological mapping of Mors, Denmark–a study based on a large-scale TEM survey
F Jørgensen, PBE Sandersen, E Auken, H Lykke-Andersen, K Sørensen
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark 52 (1), 53-75, 2005
Rapid tunnel‐valley formation beneath the receding Late Weichselian ice sheet in Vendsyssel, Denmark
PBE Sandersen, F JØRGENSEN, NK Larsen, JH Westergaard, E Auken
Boreas 38 (4), 834-851, 2009
Combining 3D geological modelling techniques to address variations in geology, data type and density–An example from Southern Denmark
F Jørgensen, AS Høyer, PBE Sandersen, X He, N Foged
Computers & Geosciences 81, 53-63, 2015
Buried valley mapping in Denmark: evaluating mapping method constraints and the importance of data density
F Jorgensen, PBE Sandersen
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Geowissenschaften 160 (3), 211, 2009
Depositional environment of the Vejle Fjord Formation of the Upper Oligocene-Lower Miocene of Denmark: a barrier island/barrier-protected depositional complex
H Friis, J Mikkelsen, P Sandersen
Sedimentary Geology 117 (3-4), 221-244, 1998
Buried Quaternary valleys-a geophysical approach
E Auken, K Sorensen, H Lykke-Andersen, M Bakker, A Bosch, J Gunnink, ...
Zeitschrift der deutschen Gesellschaft fur Geowissenschaften 160 (3), 237-247, 2009
Glacially induced faulting along the NW segment of the Sorgenfrei-Tornquist Zone, northern Denmark: Implications for neotectonics and Lateglacial fault-bound basin formation
C Brandes, H Steffen, PBE Sandersen, P Wu, J Winsemann
Quaternary Science Reviews 189, 149-168, 2018
Substratum control on tunnel-valley formation in Denmark
PBE Sandersen, F Jørgensen
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 368 (1), 145-157, 2012
Nitrate vulnerability assessment of aquifers
B Hansen, TO Sonnenborg, I Møller, JD Bernth, AS Høyer, P Rasmussen, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (12), 1-15, 2016
3-D geological modelling of the Egebjerg area, Denmark, based on hydrogeophysical data
F Jørgensen, RR Møller, PBE Sandersen, L Nebel
GEUS Bulletin 20, 27-30, 2010
Mapping of buried tunnel valleys in Denmark: new perspectives for the interpretation of the Quaternary succession
F Jørgensen, PBE Sandersen
GEUS Bulletin 15, 33-36, 2008
Neotectonic deformation of a L ate W eichselian outwash plain by deglaciation‐induced fault reactivation of a deep‐seated graben structure
PBE Sandersen, F Jørgensen
Boreas 44 (2), 413-431, 2015
Uncertainty assessment of geological models--A qualitative approach
PBE Sandersen
IAHS Publications-Series of Proceedings and Reports 320, 345-349, 2008
Kortlægning af begravede dale i Danmark, opdatering 2007–2009
F Jørgensen, PBE Sandersen
Geol. Surv. of Denmark and Greenland, Copenhagen, 2009
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