Per Ahlberg
Per Ahlberg
Professor of Geology, Lund University
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Anomalocaris and other large animals in the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang fauna of southwest China
H Xian‐Guang, J Bergström, P Ahlberg
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Uppermost Lower Cambrian biostratigraphy in Scania, Sweden
J Bergström, P Ahlberg
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PER Ahlberg, N Axheimer, LE Babcock, ME Eriksson, B Schmitz, F Terfelt
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Ediacaran fossils from the Innerelv Member (late Proterozoic) of the Tanafjorden area, northeastern Finnmark
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P Ahlberg, J Bergström, J Johansson
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Trilobites and intercontinental tie points in the Upper Cambrian of Scandinavia
P Ahlberg
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P Ahlberg, J Bergström
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SM Bergström, WD Huff, T Koren', K Larsson, P Ahlberg, DR Kolata
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A core drilling through Cambrian strata at Almbacken, Scania, S. Sweden: trilobites and stratigraphical assessment
N Axheimer, P Ahlberg
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Global Cambrian trilobite palaeobiogeography assessed using parsimony analysis of endemicity
JJ Álvaro, P Ahlberg, LE Babcock, OL Bordonaro, DK Choi, RA Cooper, ...
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Global climate, sea level cycles, and biotic events in the Cambrian Period
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The middle Cambrian cosmopolitan key species Lejopyge laevigata and its biozone: new data from Sweden
N Axheimer, ME Eriksson, P Ahlberg, A Bengtsson
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Faunal dynamics and microevolutionary investigations in the upper Cambrian Olenus Zone at Andrarum, Skåne, Sweden
ENK Clarkson, P Ahlberg, CM Taylor
GFF 120 (3), 257-267, 1998
Den svenska kontinentalsockelns berggrund
P Ahlberg
Proposed reassessment of the Cambrian GSSP
LE Babcock, S Peng, M Zhu, S Xiao, P Ahlberg
Journal of African Earth Sciences 98, 3-10, 2014
Hirnantian (latest Ordovician) δ13C chemostratigraphy in southern Sweden and globally: a refined integration with the graptolite and conodont zone successions
SM Bergström, ME Eriksson, SA Young, P Ahlberg, B Schmitz
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The Lerhamn drill core and its bearing for the graptolite biostratigraphy of the Ordovician Tøyen Shale in Scania, southern Sweden
J Maletz, P Ahlberg
Lethaia 44 (3), 350-368, 2011
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