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Masaaki Kitajima
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First confirmed detection of SARS-CoV-2 in untreated wastewater in Australia: A proof of concept for the wastewater surveillance of COVID-19 in the community
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Relative abundance and treatment reduction of viruses during wastewater treatment processes—identification of potential viral indicators
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Transfer efficiency of bacteria and viruses from porous and nonporous fomites to fingers under different relative humidity conditions
GU Lopez, CP Gerba, AH Tamimi, M Kitajima, SL Maxwell, JB Rose
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SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater: State of the knowledge and research needs
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A review on recent progress in the detection methods and prevalence of human enteric viruses in water
E Haramoto, M Kitajima, A Hata, JR Torrey, Y Masago, D Sano, ...
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Real-time PCR detection of adenoviruses, polyomaviruses, and torque teno viruses in river water in Japan
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Antiviral efficacy and mechanisms of action of oregano essential oil and its primary component carvacrol against murine norovirus
DH Gilling, M Kitajima, JR Torrey, KR Bright
Journal of applied microbiology 116 (5), 1149-1163, 2014
Occurrence and reduction of human viruses, F‐specific RNA coliphage genogroups and microbial indicators at a full‐scale wastewater treatment plant in J apan
A Hata, M Kitajima, H Katayama
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Occurrence of Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Cyclospora in influent and effluent water at wastewater treatment plants in Arizona
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Occurrence of pepper mild mottle virus in drinking water sources in Japan
E Haramoto, M Kitajima, N Kishida, Y Konno, H Katayama, M Asami, ...
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Validation of Internal Controls for Nucleic Acid Extraction and Amplification of Enteric Viruses in Water Samples
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First environmental surveillance for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in wastewater and river water in Japan
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Seasonal distribution and genetic diversity of genogroups I, II, and IV noroviruses in the Tamagawa River, Japan
M Kitajima, T Oka, E Haramoto, N Takeda, K Katayama, H Katayama
Environmental science & technology, 2010
Virus reduction during advanced Bardenpho and conventional wastewater treatment processes
BW Schmitz, M Kitajima, ME Campillo, CP Gerba, IL Pepper
Environmental science & technology 50 (17), 9524-9532, 2016
Development and application of a broadly reactive real-time reverse transcription-PCR assay for detection of murine noroviruses
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Prevalence and Genetic Diversity of Aichi Viruses in Wastewater and River Water in Japan
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Chlorine inactivation of human norovirus, murine norovirus and poliovirus in drinking water
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Comparison of virus concentration methods for the RT-qPCR-based recovery of murine hepatitis virus, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 from untreated wastewater
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Effects of rainfall events on the occurrence and detection efficiency of viruses in river water impacted by combined sewer overflows
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Science of the total environment 468, 757-763, 2014
How much reduction of virus is needed for recycled water: A continuous changing need for assessment?
CP Gerba, WQ Betancourt, M Kitajima
Water Research 108, 25-31, 2017
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