Davide Pisani
Davide Pisani
Professor of Phylogenomics. Schools of Biological & Earth Sciences. University of Bristol (UK)
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The Cambrian conundrum: early divergence and later ecological success in the early history of animals
DH Erwin, M Laflamme, SM Tweedt, EA Sperling, D Pisani, KJ Peterson
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Current Biology 23 (5), 392-398, 2013
Genomic data do not support comb jellies as the sister group to all other animals
D Pisani, W Pett, M Dohrmann, R Feuda, O Rota-Stabelli, H Philippe, ...
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The interrelationships of land plants and the nature of the ancestral embryophyte
MN Puttick, JL Morris, TA Williams, CJ Cox, D Edwards, P Kenrick, ...
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MicroRNAs and phylogenomics resolve the relationships of Tardigrada and suggest that velvet worms are the sister group of Arthropoda
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Supertrees disentangle the chimerical origin of eukaryotic genomes
D Pisani, JA Cotton, JO McInerney
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Improved modeling of compositional heterogeneity supports sponges as sister to all other animals
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Poriferan paraphyly and its implications for Precambrian palaeobiology
EA Sperling, D Pisani, KJ Peterson
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Phylogenetic-signal dissection of nuclear housekeeping genes supports the paraphyly of sponges and the monophyly of Eumetazoa
EA Sperling, KJ Peterson, D Pisani
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Where's the glass? Biomarkers, molecular clocks, and microRNAs suggest a 200‐Myr missing Precambrian fossil record of siliceous sponge spicules
EA Sperling, JM Robinson, D Pisani, KJ Peterson
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Testing the molecular clock: molecular and paleontological estimates of divergence times in the Echinoidea (Echinodermata)
AB Smith, D Pisani, JA Mackenzie-Dodds, B Stockley, BL Webster, ...
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The interrelationships of placental mammals and the limits of phylogenetic inference
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Early photosynthetic eukaryotes inhabited low-salinity habitats
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Ecdysozoan mitogenomics: evidence for a common origin of the legged invertebrates, the Panarthropoda
O Rota-Stabelli, E Kayal, D Gleeson, J Daub, JL Boore, MJ Telford, ...
Genome biology and evolution 2, 425-440, 2010
Metazoan opsin evolution reveals a simple route to animal vision
R Feuda, SC Hamilton, JO McInerney, D Pisani
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (46), 18868-18872, 2012
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