Maarten Voordouw
Maarten Voordouw
Assistant Professor in Biology, University of Saskatchewan
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Co-feeding transmission in Lyme disease pathogens
MJ Voordouw
Parasitology 142 (2), 290-302, 2015
Borrelia burgdorferi has minimal impact on the Lyme disease reservoir host Peromyscus leucopus
LE Schwanz, MJ Voordouw, D Brisson, RS Ostfeld
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Prevalence of the pathogenic chytrid fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, in an endangered population of northern leopard frogs, Rana pipiens
MJ Voordouw, D Adama, B Houston, P Govindarajulu, J Robinson
BMC ecology 10 (1), 6, 2010
Ixodes ricinus ticks infected with the causative agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, have higher energy reserves
C Herrmann, MJ Voordouw, L Gern
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Environmental sex determination in a splash pool copepod
MJ Voordouw, BR Anholt
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 76 (4), 511-520, 2002
Species co-occurrence patterns among Lyme borreliosis pathogens in the tick vector Ixodes ricinus
C Herrmann, L Gern, MJ Voordouw
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Heritability of sex tendency in a harpacticoid copepod, Tigriopus californicus
MJ Voordouw, BR Anholt
Evolution 56 (9), 1754-1763, 2002
The Lyme disease pathogen has no effect on the survival of its rodent reservoir host
MJ Voordouw, S Lachish, MC Dolan
PLoS One 10 (2), e0118265, 2015
Genetic variation in transmission success of the Lyme borreliosis pathogen Borrelia afzelii
N Tonetti, MJ Voordouw, J Durand, S Monnier, L Gern
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There is inadequate evidence to support the division of the genus Borrelia
G Margos, D Marosevic, S Cutler, M Derdakova, M Diuk-Wasser, S Emler, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 67 (4 …, 2017
Prevalence and phylogenetic analysis of tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) in field-collected ticks (Ixodes ricinus) in southern Switzerland
N Rieille, S Bressanelli, CCM Freire, S Arcioni, L Gern, O Péter, ...
Parasites & vectors 7 (1), 443, 2014
Reductions in human Lyme disease risk due to the effects of oral vaccination on tick-to-mouse and mouse-to-tick transmission
MJ Voordouw, H Tupper, Ö Önder, G Devevey, CJ Graves, BD Kemps, ...
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 13 (4), 203-214, 2013
No maternal effects after stimulation of the melanization response in the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti
MJ Voordouw, L Lambrechts, J Koella
Oikos 117 (8), 1269-1279, 2008
Cross-immunity and community structure of a multiple-strain pathogen in the tick vector
J Durand, M Jacquet, L Paillard, O Rais, L Gern, MJ Voordouw
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Comparison of male reproductive success in malaria-refractory and susceptible strains of Anopheles gambiae
MJ Voordouw, JC Koella, H Hurd
Malaria Journal 7 (1), 103, 2008
Infection dynamics in frog populations with different histories of decline caused by a deadly disease
SJ Sapsford, MJ Voordouw, RA Alford, L Schwarzkopf
Oecologia 179 (4), 1099-1110, 2015
Paternal inheritance of the primary sex ratio in a copepod
MJ Voordouw, HE Robinson, BR Anholt
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 18 (5), 1304-1314, 2005
Multistrain infections with Lyme borreliosis pathogens in the tick vector
J Durand, C Herrmann, D Genné, A Sarr, L Gern, MJ Voordouw
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Cross-reactive acquired immunity influences transmission success of the Lyme disease pathogen, Borrelia afzelii
M Jacquet, J Durand, O Rais, MJ Voordouw
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 36, 131-140, 2015
Antifungal treatment of wild amphibian populations caused a transient reduction in the prevalence of the fungal pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
CC Geiger, C Bregnard, E Maluenda, MJ Voordouw, BR Schmidt
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-12, 2017
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