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Shin-Ichi Miyazawa
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Why are Sun Leaves Thicker than Shade Leaves? — Consideration based on Analyses of CO2 Diffusion in the Leaf
I Terashima, SI Miyazawa, YT Hanba
Journal of plant research 114 (1), 93-105, 2001
The influence of leaf thickness on the CO2 transfer conductance and leaf stable carbon isotope ratio for some evergreen tree species in Japanese warm‐temperate …
YT Hanba, SI Miyazawa, I Terashima
Functional Ecology 13 (5), 632-639, 1999
Construction and maintenance of the optimal photosynthetic systems of the leaf, herbaceous plant and tree: an eco-developmental treatise
I Terashima, T Araya, SI Miyazawa, K Sone, S Yano
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Slow development of leaf photosynthesis in an evergreen broad‐leaved tree, Castanopsis sieboldii: relationships between leaf anatomical characteristics and …
SI Miyazawa, I Terashima
Plant, Cell & Environment 24 (3), 279-291, 2001
Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase intrinsically located in the chloroplast of rice plays a crucial role in ammonium assimilation
C Masumoto, SI Miyazawa, H Ohkawa, T Fukuda, Y Taniguchi, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (11), 5226-5231, 2010
Stomatal development in new leaves is related to the stomatal conductance of mature leaves in poplar (Populus trichocarpa×P. deltoides)
SI Miyazawa, NJ Livingston, DH Turpin
Journal of Experimental Botany 57 (2), 373-380, 2006
Biosynthesis of astaxanthin in tobacco leaves by transplastomic engineering
T Hasunuma, SI Miyazawa, S Yoshimura, Y Shinzaki, KI Tomizawa, ...
The Plant Journal 55 (5), 857-868, 2008
Metabolic turnover analysis by a combination of in vivo13C-labelling from 13CO2 and metabolic profiling with CE-MS/MS reveals rate-limiting steps of the C3 photosynthetic …
T Hasunuma, K Harada, SI Miyazawa, A Kondo, E Fukusaki, C Miyake
Journal of Experimental Botany 61 (4), 1041-1051, 2010
Role of OsNPR1 in rice defense program as revealed by genome-wide expression analysis
S Sugano, CJ Jiang, SI Miyazawa, C Masumoto, K Yazawa, N Hayashi, ...
Plant molecular biology 74 (6), 549-562, 2010
Lessons from engineering a single-cell C4 photosynthetic pathway into rice
M Miyao, C Masumoto, SI Miyazawa, H Fukayama
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Effects of leaf age on internal CO2 transfer conductance and photosynthesis in tree species having different types of shoot phenology
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Slow leaf development of evergreen broad-leaved tree species in Japanese warm temperate forests
Annals of Botany 82 (6), 859-869, 1998
Deactivation of aquaporins decreases internal conductance to CO2 diffusion in tobacco leaves grown under long-term drought
SI Miyazawa, S Yoshimura, Y Shinzaki, M Maeshima, C Miyake
Functional Plant Biology 35 (7), 553-564, 2008
Changes in mesophyll anatomy and sink–source relationships during leaf development in Quercus glauca, an evergreen tree showing delayed leaf greening
SI Miyazawa, A Makino, I Terashima
Plant, Cell & Environment 26 (5), 745-755, 2003
Costs of protein turnover and carbohydrate export in leaves of sun and shade species
K Noguchi, CS Go, SI Miyazawa, I Terashima, S Ueda, T Yoshinari
Functional Plant Biology 28 (1), 37-47, 2001
Effects of polyploidy on photosynthetic properties and anatomy in leaves of Phlox drummondii
P Vyas, MS Bisht, SI Miyazawa, S Yano, K Noguchi, I Terashima, ...
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Relationships between light, leaf nitrogen and nitrogen remobilization in the crowns of mature evergreen Quercus glauca trees
SI Miyazawa, AA Suzuki, K Sone, I Terashima
Tree Physiology 24 (10), 1157-1164, 2004
Maintenance mechanisms of the pipe model relationship and Leonardo da Vinci’s rule in the branching architecture of Acer rufinerve trees
K Sone, AA Suzuki, SI Miyazawa, K Noguchi, I Terashima
Journal of plant research 122 (1), 41, 2009
Determination of the site of CO2 sensing in poplar: is the area-based N content and anatomy of new leaves determined by their immediate CO2 environment or by the CO2 …
SI Miyazawa, CR Warren, DH Turpin, NJ Livingston
Journal of Experimental Botany 62 (8), 2787-2796, 2011
Sites of Action of Elevated CO2 on Leaf Development in Rice: Discrimination between the Effects of Elevated CO2 and Nitrogen Deficiency
K Tsutsumi, M Konno, SI Miyazawa, M Miyao
Plant and Cell Physiology 55 (2), 258-268, 2014
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