Yulin Chen
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Influence of ignition timing on combustion and emissions of a spark-ignition methanol engine with added hydrogen under lean-burn conditions
C Gong, Z Li, Y Chen, J Liu, F Liu, Y Han
Fuel 235, 227-238, 2019
Computational study of nozzle spray-line distribution effects on stratified mixture formation, combustion and emissions of a high compression ratio DISI methanol engine under …
C Gong, Z Zhang, J Sun, Y Chen, F Liu
Energy 205, 118080, 2020
Computational study of intake temperature effects on mixture formation, combustion and unregulated emissions of a DISI methanol engine during cold start
C Gong, L Peng, Y Chen, J Liu, F Liu, Y Han
Fuel 234, 1269-1277, 2018
Laminar flame speeds of stratified methane, propane, and n-heptane flames
X Shi, JY Chen, Y Chen
Combustion and Flame 176, 38-47, 2017
Towards improved automatic chemical kinetic model reduction regarding ignition delays and flame speeds
Y Chen, JY Chen
Combustion and Flame 190, 293-301, 2018
Cycle-by-cycle combustion variation in a DISI engine fueled with methanol
C Gong, K Huang, Y Chen, J Jia, Y Su, X Liu
Fuel 90 (8), 2817-2819, 2011
Development of a reduced chemical mechanism targeted for a 5-component gasoline surrogate: A case study on the heat release nature in a GCI engine
Y Chen, B Wolk, M Mehl, WK Cheng, JY Chen, RW Dibble
Combustion and Flame 178, 268-276, 2017
Ab initio calculation and kinetic modeling study of diethyl ether ignition with application toward a skeletal mechanism for CI engine modeling
E Hu, Y Chen, Z Zhang, JY Chen, Z Huang
Fuel 209, 509-520, 2017
Application of Jacobian defined direct interaction coefficient in DRGEP-based chemical mechanism reduction methods using different graph search algorithms
Y Chen, JY Chen
Combustion and Flame 174, 77-84, 2016
Study on the phase relation between ion current signal and combustion phase in an HCCI combustion engine
G Dong, Y Chen, Z Wu, L Li, R Dibble
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (3), 3097-3105, 2015
Cyclic variations and prior-cycle effects of ion current sensing in an HCCI engine: A time-series analysis
Y Chen, G Dong, JH Mack, RH Butt, JY Chen, RW Dibble
Applied Energy 168, 628-635, 2016
Effect of injection strategy on cold start firing, combustion and emissions of a LPG/methanol dual-fuel spark-ignition engine
C Gong, Z Liu, H Su, Y Chen, J Li, F Liu
Energy 178, 126-133, 2019
Numerical study of cold-start performances of a medium compression ratio direct-injection twin-spark plug synchronous ignition engine fueled with methanol
C Gong, J Sun, Y Chen, F Liu
Fuel 285, 119235, 2021
A skeletal gasoline flame ionization mechanism for combustion timing prediction on HCCI engines
G Dong, Y Chen, L Li, Z Wu, R Dibble
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (3), 3669-3676, 2017
Improving ion current of sparkplug ion sensors in HCCI combustion using sodium, potassium, and cesium acetates: Experimental and numerical modeling
RH Butt, Y Chen, JH Mack, S Saxena, RW Dibble, JY Chen
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (3), 3107-3115, 2015
Experimental study on the characteristics of knock under DI-HCCI combustion mode with ethanol/gasoline mixed fuel
Y Liu, X Shi, J Deng, Y Chen, M Hu, L Li
SAE Technical Paper, 2013
Numerical investigation of intake oxygen enrichment effects on radicals, combustion and unregulated emissions during cold start in a DISI methanol engine
C Gong, J Li, L Peng, Y Chen, Z Liu, F Wei, F Liu
Fuel 253, 1406-1413, 2019
H Radical Sensitivity-Assisted Automatic Chemical Kinetic Model Reduction for Laminar Flame Chemistry Retaining: A Case Study of Gasoline–DME Mixture under Engine Conditions
Y Chen, T Chen, Y Feng, JI Ryu, H Yang, JY Chen
Energy & fuels 33 (4), 3551-3556, 2019
Improved skeletal reduction on multiple gasoline-ethanol surrogates using a Jacobian-aided DRGEP approach under gasoline compression ignition (GCI) engine conditions
Y Chen, M Mehl, Y Xie, JY Chen
Fuel 210, 617-624, 2017
Visualization study for the effects of oxygen concentration on combustion characteristics of water-emulsified diesel
Z Wang, X Chen, S Huang, Y Chen, JH Mack, J Tang, L Li, R Huang
Fuel 177, 226-234, 2016
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