Rawley Heimer
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Facebook finance: How social interaction propagates active investing
RZ Heimer, D Simon
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Working Paper Series 1522, 2015
Peer Pressure: Social Interaction and the Disposition Effect
RZ Heimer
The Review of Financial Studies 29 (11), 3177-3209, 2016
YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles
R Heimer, KOR Myrseth, R Schoenle
Journal of Finance 74 (6), 2957-2996, 2019
Friends do let friends buy stocks actively
RZ Heimer
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 107 (11), 527-540, 2014
Law and finance matter: Lessons from externally imposed courts
JR Brown, JA Cookson, RZ Heimer
The Review of Financial Studies 30 (3), 1019-1051, 2017
Growing up Without Finance
JR Brown, JA Cookson, R Heimer
Journal of Financial Economics 134 (3), 591-616, 2019
Should Retail Investors' Leverage Be Limited?
R Heimer, A Simek
Journal of Financial Economics 132 (3), 1-21, 2019
Politicizing Consumer Credit
R Heimer, P Akey, S Lewellen
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Working Paper, 2017
Courting Economic Development
JR Brown, JA Cookson, RZ Heimer
The World Bank Economic Review 30 (Supplement_1), S176-S187, 2017
Pushing Boundaries: Political Redistricting and Consumer Credit
P Akey, C Dobridge, R Heimer, S Lewellen
Available at SSRN 3031604, 2018
Doing Less With More
R Heimer, A Imas
Available at SSRN, 2018
Shale Shocked: The Long Run Effect of Wealth on Household Debt
JA Cookson, EP Gilje, RZ Heimer
Geographic Mobility and Consumer Financial Health: Evidence from Oil Production Boom Towns
R Heimer, T Stehulak, C Treanor
Economic Commentary, 2016
Assessing Consumer Confidence with Google Search Terms
RZ Heimer, T Stehulak, D Kolliner
Economic Trends, 2015
Uncovering the Demand for Housing Using Internet Search Volume
RZ Heimer, D Kolliner, T Stehulak
Economic Trends, 2015
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