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Jonas Tegenfeldt
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The dynamics of genomic-length DNA molecules in 100-nm channels
JO Tegenfeldt, C Prinz, H Cao, S Chou, WW Reisner, R Riehn, YM Wang, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (30), 10979-10983, 2004
Electrodeless dielectrophoresis of single-and double-stranded DNA
CF Chou, JO Tegenfeldt, O Bakajin, SS Chan, EC Cox, N Darnton, T Duke, ...
Biophysical journal 83 (4), 2170-2179, 2002
Fabrication of 10 nm enclosed nanofluidic channels
H Cao, Z Yu, J Wang, JO Tegenfeldt, RH Austin, E Chen, W Wu, SY Chou
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Micro-and nanofluidics for DNA analysis
JO Tegenfeldt, C Prinz, H Cao, RL Huang, RH Austin, SY Chou, EC Cox, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 378 (7), 1678-1692, 2004
Improving the instrumental resolution of sensors based on localized surface plasmon resonance
AB Dahlin, JO Tegenfeldt, F Höök
Analytical chemistry 78 (13), 4416-4423, 2006
Gradient nanostructures for interfacing microfluidics and nanofluidics
H Cao, JO Tegenfeldt, RH Austin, SY Chou
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Sorting cells by size, shape and deformability
JP Beech, SH Holm, K Adolfsson, JO Tegenfeldt
Lab on a Chip 12 (6), 1048-1051, 2012
A DNA prism for high-speed continuous fractionation of large DNA molecules
LR Huang, JO Tegenfeldt, JJ Kraeft, JC Sturm, RH Austin, EC Cox
Nature Biotechnology 20 (10), 1048-1051, 2002
Separation of parasites from human blood using deterministic lateral displacement
SH Holm, JP Beech, MP Barrett, JO Tegenfeldt
Lab on a Chip 11 (7), 1326-1332, 2011
Single-molecule denaturation mapping of DNA in nanofluidic channels
W Reisner, NB Larsen, A Silahtaroglu, A Kristensen, N Tommerup, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (30), 13294-13299, 2010
A method improving the accuracy of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching analysis
P Jönsson, MP Jonsson, JO Tegenfeldt, F Höök
Biophysical journal 95 (11), 5334-5348, 2008
Nanochannel arrays and their preparation and use for high throughput macromolecular analysis
SY Chou, H Cao, RH Austin, Z Yu, JO Tegenfeldt
US Patent 7,670,770, 2010
Gradient structures interfacing microfluidics and nanofluidics, methods for fabrication and uses thereof
H Cao, JO Tegenfeldt, S Chou, RH Austin
US Patent 7,217,562, 2007
Nanoconfinement-enhanced conformational response of single DNA molecules to changes in ionic environment
W Reisner, JP Beech, NB Larsen, H Flyvbjerg, A Kristensen, ...
Physical review letters 99 (5), 2007
DNA in nanochannels—directly visualizing genomic information
F Persson, JO Tegenfeldt
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (3), 985-999, 2010
Separation of 100-kilobase DNA molecules in 10 seconds
O Bakajin, TAJ Duke, J Tegenfeldt, CF Chou, SS Chan, RH Austin, ...
Analytical chemistry 73 (24), 6053-6056, 2001
Sacrificial polymers for nanofluidic channels in biological applications
W Li, JO Tegenfeldt, L Chen, RH Austin, SY Chou, PA Kohl, J Krotine, ...
Nanotechnology 14 (6), 578, 2003
Single-molecule studies of repressor–DNA interactions show long-range interactions
YM Wang, JO Tegenfeldt, W Reisner, R Riehn, XJ Guan, L Guo, I Golding, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (28), 9796-9801, 2005
Tipping the balance of deterministic lateral displacement devices using dielectrophoresis
JP Beech, P Jönsson, JO Tegenfeldt
Lab on a Chip 9 (18), 2698-2706, 2009
Deterministic lateral displacement: Challenges and perspectives
A Hochstetter, R Vernekar, RH Austin, H Becker, JP Beech, DA Fedosov, ...
ACS nano 14 (9), 10784-10795, 2020
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