Ilia Karatsoreos
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Mechanisms of stress in the brain
BS McEwen, NP Bowles, JD Gray, MN Hill, RG Hunter, IN Karatsoreos, ...
Nature neuroscience 18 (10), 1353-1363, 2015
Psychobiological allostasis: resistance, resilience and vulnerability
IN Karatsoreos, BS McEwen
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Disruption of circadian clocks has ramifications for metabolism, brain, and behavior
IN Karatsoreos, S Bhagat, EB Bloss, JH Morrison, BS McEwen
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Acute stress enhances glutamatergic transmission in prefrontal cortex and facilitates working memory
EY Yuen, W Liu, IN Karatsoreos, J Feng, BS McEwen, Z Yan
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Mechanisms for acute stress-induced enhancement of glutamatergic transmission and working memory
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Stress history and pubertal development interact to shape hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis plasticity
RD Romeo, R Bellani, IN Karatsoreos, N Chhua, M Vernov, CD Conrad, ...
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Recruitment of prefrontal cortical endocannabinoid signaling by glucocorticoids contributes to termination of the stress response
MN Hill, RJ McLaughlin, B Pan, ML Fitzgerald, CJ Roberts, TTY Lee, ...
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Annual research review: The neurobiology and physiology of resilience and adaptation across the life course
IN Karatsoreos, BS McEwen
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Endocrine and physiological changes in response to chronic corticosterone: a potential model of the metabolic syndrome in mouse
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Sleep deprivation and circadian disruption: stress, allostasis, and allostatic load
BS McEwen, IN Karatsoreos
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Chronic stress, metabolism, and metabolic syndrome
KL Tamashiro, RR Sakai, CA Shively, IN Karatsoreos, LP Reagan
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Resilience and vulnerability: a neurobiological perspective
IN Karatsoreos, BS McEwen
F1000prime reports 5, 2013
Phenotype matters: identification of light-responsive cells in the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus
IN Karatsoreos, L Yan, J LeSauter, R Silver
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Rapid elevations in limbic endocannabinoid content by glucocorticoid hormones in vivo
MN Hill, IN Karatsoreos, CJ Hillard, BS McEwen
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Obesity diminishes synaptic markers, alters microglial morphology, and impairs cognitive function
ME Bocarsly, M Fasolino, GA Kane, EA LaMarca, GW Kirschen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (51), 15731-15736, 2015
Links between circadian rhythms and psychiatric disease
IN Karatsoreos
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 8, 162, 2014
Estrogen protects against the detrimental effects of repeated stress on glutamatergic transmission and cognition
J Wei, EY Yuen, W Liu, X Li, P Zhong, IN Karatsoreos, BS McEwen, Z Yan
Molecular psychiatry 19 (5), 588-598, 2014
A role for androgens in regulating circadian behavior and the suprachiasmatic nucleus
IN Karatsoreos, A Wang, J Sasanian, R Silver
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Pubertal maturation and time of day differentially affect behavioral and neuroendocrine responses following an acute stressor
RD Romeo, IN Karatsoreos, BS McEwen
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Impact of sleep and circadian disruption on energy balance and diabetes: a summary of workshop discussions
DM Arble, J Bass, CD Behn, MP Butler, E Challet, C Czeisler, CM Depner, ...
Sleep 38 (12), 1849-1860, 2015
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