Kristian Ove R. Myrseth
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Self-control: A function of knowing when and how to exercise restraint
KOR Myrseth, A Fishbach
Current Directions in Psychological Science 18 (4), 247-252, 2009
Counteractive self-control: When making temptation available makes temptation less tempting
KOR Myrseth, A Fishbach, Y Trope
Psychological Science 20 (2), 159-163, 2009
Registered replication report: Rand, greene, and nowak (2012)
S Bouwmeester, PPJL Verkoeijen, B Aczel, F Barbosa, L Bègue, ...
Perspectives on Psychological Science 12 (3), 527-542, 2017
Reconciling pro-social vs. selfish behavior: On the role of self-control
P Martinsson, KOR Myrseth, C Wollbrant
Judgment and Decision Making 7 (3), 304-315, 2012
Consuming experience: Why affective forecasters overestimate comparative value
CK Morewedge, DT Gilbert, KOR Myrseth, KS Kassam, TD Wilson
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 46 (6), 986-992, 2010
YOLO: Mortality beliefs and household finance puzzles
R Heimer, KOR Myrseth, R Schoenle
Journal of Finance, Vol. Forthcoming, 15-21, 2018
Strong, bold, and kind: Self-control and cooperation in social dilemmas
MG Kocher, P Martinsson, KOR Myrseth, CE Wollbrant
Experimental Economics 20 (1), 44-69, 2017
Social dilemmas: When self-control benefits cooperation
P Martinsson, KOR Myrseth, C Wollbrant
Journal of Economic Psychology 45, 213-236, 2014
Tangible temptation in the social dilemma: Cash, cooperation, and self-control.
KOR Myrseth, G Riener, CE Wollbrant
Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics 8 (2), 61, 2015
Cognitive foundations of cooperation revisited: Commentary on Rand et al.(2012, 2014)
KOR Myrseth, CE Wollbrant
Journal of behavioral and experimental economics 69, 133-138, 2017
Seeing self-control conflict: The problem of isolated vs. interrelated temptations
KOR Myrseth, A Fishbach
interrelated temptations. Working paper, the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2010
Commentary: Fairness is intuitive
KOR Myrseth, CE Wollbrant
Frontiers in psychology 7, 654, 2016
A theory of self-control and naïveté: The blights of willpower and blessings of temptation
KOR Myrseth, CE Wollbrant
Journal of Economic Psychology 34, 8-19, 2013
Mortality beliefs distorted: Magnifying the risk of dying young
P Jarnebrant, KOR Myrseth
ESMT Working Paper, 2013
Cooperation in social dilemmas: The necessity of seeing self-control conflict
P Martinsson, KOR Myrseth, C Wollbrant
ESMT Working Paper, 2012
Consuming experiences: Why we don’t make the comparisons we anticipate
CK Morewedge, DT Gilbert, KS Kassam, KOR Myrseth, TD Wilson
Manuscript in preparation, 2009
Models inconsistent with altruism cannot explain the evolution of human cooperation
KOR Myrseth, CE Wollbrant
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (18), E2472-E2472, 2016
Naïve and capricious: Stumbling into the ring of self-control conflict
KOR Myrseth, CE Wollbrant
Less cognitive conflict does not imply choice of the default option: Commentary on Kieslich and Hilbig (2014)
KO Myrseth, C Wollbrant
Judgment and Decision Making, 2015
Depletion influences restraint, but does it influence conflict identification? Expanding on Osgood and Muraven (2015)
KOR Myrseth, C Wollbrant
Basic and Applied Social Psychology 37 (5), 292-293, 2015
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