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Transplantation of human embryonic stem cell-derived cells to a rat model of Parkinson's disease: effect of in vitro differentiation on graft survival and teratoma formation
A Brederlau, AS Correia, SV Anisimov, M Elmi, G Paul, L Roybon, ...
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The glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) analogue, exendin-4, decreases the rewarding value of food: a new role for mesolimbic GLP-1 receptors
SL Dickson, RH Shirazi, C Hansson, F Bergquist, H Nissbrandt, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (14), 4812-4820, 2012
The stomach-derived hormone ghrelin increases impulsive behavior
RH Anderberg, C Hansson, M Fenander, JE Richard, SL Dickson, ...
Neuropsychopharmacology 41 (5), 1199-1209, 2016
GLP-1 is both anxiogenic and antidepressant; divergent effects of acute and chronic GLP-1 on emotionality
RH Anderberg, JE Richard, C Hansson, H Nissbrandt, F Bergquist, ...
Psychoneuroendocrinology 65, 54-66, 2016
Somatodendritic dopamine release in rat substantia nigra influences motor performance on the accelerating rod
F Bergquist, HN Shahabi, H Nissbrandt
Brain research 973 (1), 81-91, 2003
Effects of stochastic vestibular galvanic stimulation and LDOPA on balance and motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease
G Samoudi, M Jivegård, AP Mulavara, F Bergquist
Brain stimulation 8 (3), 474-480, 2015
Viewpoint and practical recommendations from a movement disorder specialist panel on objective measurement in the clinical management of Parkinson’s disease
P Odin, KR Chaudhuri, J Volkmann, A Antonini, A Storch, E Dietrichs, ...
NPJ Parkinson's disease 4 (1), 14, 2018
An objective fluctuation score for Parkinson's disease
MK Horne, S McGregor, F Bergquist
PloS one 10 (4), e0124522, 2015
Dopamine signaling in the amygdala, increased by food ingestion and GLP-1, regulates feeding behavior
RH Anderberg, C Anefors, F Bergquist, H Nissbrandt, KP Skibicka
Physiology & behavior 136, 135-144, 2014
Wearables in epilepsy and Parkinson's disease—a focus group study
A Ozanne, D Johansson, U Hällgren Graneheim, K Malmgren, ...
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 137 (2), 188-194, 2018
Histaminergic and glycinergic modulation of GABA release in the vestibular nuclei of normal and labyrinthectomised rats
F Bergquist, A Ruthven, M Ludwig, MB Dutia
The Journal of physiology 577 (3), 857-868, 2006
Role of the commissural inhibitory system in vestibular compensation in the rat
F Bergquist, M Ludwig, MB Dutia
The Journal of physiology 586 (18), 4441-4452, 2008
Evidence for different exocytosis pathways in dendritic and terminal dopamine release in vivo
F Bergquist, HS Niazi, H Nissbrandt
Brain research 950 (1-2), 245-253, 2002
Partial depletion of dopamine in substantia nigra impairs motor performance without altering striatal dopamine neurotransmission
DR Andersson, H Nissbrandt, F Bergquist
European Journal of Neuroscience 24 (2), 617-624, 2006
Effects of local administration of L‐, N‐, and P/Q‐type calcium channel blockers on spontaneous dopamine release in the striatum and the substantia nigra: a microdialysis study …
F Bergquist, J Jonason, E Pileblad, H Nissbrandt
Journal of neurochemistry 70 (4), 1532-1540, 1998
Automatic spiral analysis for objective assessment of motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease
M Memedi, A Sadikov, V Groznik, J Žabkar, M Možina, F Bergquist, ...
Sensors 15 (9), 23727-23744, 2015
Noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation promotes GABA release in the substantia nigra and improves locomotion in hemiparkinsonian rats
G Samoudi, H Nissbrandt, MB Dutia, F Bergquist
PloS one 7 (1), e29308, 2012
Inhibition of cytochrome P450 2E1 induces an increase in extracellular dopamine in rat substantia nigra: a new metabolic pathway?
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Dendritic transmitter release: a comparison of two model systems
F Bergquist, M Ludwig
Journal of neuroendocrinology 20 (6), 677-686, 2008
A smartphone-based system to quantify dexterity in Parkinson's disease patients
S Aghanavesi, D Nyholm, M Senek, F Bergquist, M Memedi
Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 9, 11-17, 2017
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