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Identification of novel Ssl0352 protein (NdhS), essential for efficient operation of cyclic electron transport around photosystem I, in NADPH: plastoquinone oxidoreductase (NDH …
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Silicification‐Induced Cell Aggregation for the Sustainable Production of H2 under Aerobic Conditions
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A vitamin-C-derived DNA modification catalysed by an algal TET homologue
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Obstacles in the quantification of the cyclic electron flux around Photosystem I in leaves of C3 plants
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NdhV Is a Subunit of NADPH Dehydrogenase Essential for Cyclic Electron Transport in Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6803
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Introducing pyruvate oxidase into the chloroplast of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii increases oxygen consumption and promotes hydrogen production
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Protection of Photosynthetic Algae against Ultraviolet Radiation by One-Step CeO2 Shellization
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Subunit Q Is Required to Stabilize the Large Complex of NADPH Dehydrogenase in Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6803
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Identification of a cyanobacterial CRR6 protein, Slr1097, required for efficient assembly of NDH‐1 complexes in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803
H Dai, L Zhang, J Zhang, H Mi, T Ogawa, W Ma
The Plant Journal 75 (5), 858-866, 2013
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