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Verena Esther Kutschera
Scilifelab | Stockholm university
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Nuclear genomic sequences reveal that polar bears are an old and distinct bear lineage
F Hailer, VE Kutschera, BM Hallström, D Klassert, SR Fain, JA Leonard, ...
Science 336 (6079), 344-347, 2012
Bears in a forest of gene trees: phylogenetic inference is complicated by incomplete lineage sorting and gene flow
VE Kutschera, T Bidon, F Hailer, JL Rodi, SR Fain, A Janke
Molecular biology and evolution 31 (8), 2004-2017, 2014
A sensitive and specific multiplex PCR approach for sex identification of ursine and tremarctine bears suitable for non‐invasive samples
T Bidon, C Frosch, HG Eiken, VE Kutschera, SB Hagen, SG Aarnes, ...
Molecular ecology resources 13 (3), 362-368, 2013
A range-wide synthesis and timeline for phylogeographic events in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
VE Kutschera, N Lecomte, A Janke, N Selva, AA Sokolov, T Haun, ...
BMC Evolutionary Biology 13 (1), 114, 2013
The mitochondrial genome sequences of the round goby and the sand goby reveal patterns of recent evolution in gobiid fish
I Adrian-Kalchhauser, O Svensson, VE Kutschera, MA Rosenblad, ...
BMC Genomics 18 (1), 177, 2017
Response to Comment on “Nuclear Genomic Sequences Reveal that Polar Bears Are an Old and Distinct Bear Lineage”
F Hailer, VE Kutschera, BM Hallström, SR Fain, JA Leonard, U Arnason, ...
Science 339 (6127), 1522-1522, 2013
High genetic variability of vagrant polar bears illustrates importance of population connectivity in fragmented sea ice habitats
VE Kutschera, C Frosch, A Janke, K Skírnisson, T Bidon, N Lecomte, ...
Animal Conservation 19 (4), 337-349, 2016
Genetic signatures of adaptation revealed from transcriptome sequencing of Arctic and red foxes
V Kumar, VE Kutschera, MA Nilsson, A Janke
BMC genomics 16 (1), 585, 2015
The complete mitochondrial genome of the invasive Ponto-Caspian goby Ponticola kessleri obtained from high-throughput sequencing using the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine
I Kalchhauser, VE Kutschera, P Burkhardt-Holm
Mitochondrial DNA Part A 27 (3), 1887-1889, 2016
Purifying Selection in Corvids Is Less Efficient on Islands
VE Kutschera, JW Poelstra, F Botero-Castro, N Dussex, NJ Gemmell, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 37 (2), 469-474, 2020
Polymorphism Data Assist Estimation of the Nonsynonymous over Synonymous Fixation Rate Ratio ω for Closely Related Species
CF Mugal, VE Kutschera, F Botero-Castro, JBW Wolf, I Kaj
Molecular biology and evolution 37 (1), 260-279, 2020
Building de novo reference genome assemblies of complex eukaryotic microorganisms from single nuclei
M Montoliu-Nerin, M Sánchez-García, C Bergin, M Grabherr, B Ellis, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-10, 2020
From single nuclei to whole genome assembly
M Montoliu-Nerin, M Sánchez-García, C Bergin, M Grabherr, B Ellis, ...
bioRxiv, 625814, 2019
Building de novo reference genome assemblies of complex eukaryotic microorganisms from single nuclei
MN Merce, SG Marisol, C Bergin, G Manfred, B Ellis, VE Kutschera, ...
Scientific Reports (Nature Publisher Group) 10 (1), 2020
A summary of brown bear genetic studies: Phylogeny, phylogeography and evolutionary relationships with polar bears
F Hailer, VE Kutschera, FE Zachos
Haupt Verlag, 2019
Exploring a Pool‐seq‐only approach for gaining population genomic insights in nonmodel species
S Kurland, CW Wheat, M de la Paz Celorio Mancera, VE Kutschera, J Hill, ...
Ecology and evolution 9 (19), 11448-11463, 2019
Evolutionary Genetics of Bears and Red Foxes Over Phylogenetic and Phylogeographic Time Scales
VE Kutschera
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