Daniel Tofan
Daniel Tofan
University of Washington, Texas A&M University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California
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Photochemical incorporation of diphosphorus units into organic molecules
D Tofan, CC Cummins
Angewandte Chemie 122 (41), 7678-7680, 2010
Photochemical incorporation of diphosphorus units into organic molecules
CCC Daniel Tofan
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (41), 7516-7518, 2010
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D Tofan, FP Gabbaï
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Digging the Sigma‐Hole of Organoantimony Lewis Acids by Oxidation
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Uptake of one and two molecules of CO 2 by the molybdate dianion: a soluble, molecular oxide model system for carbon dioxide fixation
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White Phosphorus Activation at a Metal–Phosphorus Triple Bond: a New Route to cyclo-Triphosphorus or cyclo-Pentaphosphorus Complexes of Niobium
D Tofan, BM Cossairt, CC Cummins
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A family of cis-macrocyclic diphosphines: modular, stereoselective synthesis and application in catalytic CO 2/ethylene coupling
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Thermodynamic and kinetic study of cleavage of the N–O bond of N-oxides by a vanadium (iii) complex: enhanced oxygen atom transfer reaction rates for adducts of nitrous oxide …
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Two-Step Binding of O2 to a Vanadium(III) Trisanilide Complex To Form a Non-Vanadyl Vanadium(V) Peroxo Complex
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Non-metallocene organometallic complexes and related methods and systems
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Synthesis and characterization of iron derivatives having a pyridine-linked bis (anilide) pincer ligand
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Zirconium and Titanium Propylene Polymerization Precatalysts Supported by a Fluxional C2-Symmetric Bis(anilide)pyridine Ligand
IA Tonks, D Tofan, EC Weintrob, T Agapie, JE Bercaw
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Facile synthesis of mononuclear early transition-metal complexes of κ 3 cyclo-tetrametaphosphate ([P 4 O 12] 4−) and cyclo-trimetaphosphate ([P 3 O 9] 3−)
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Functionalization Reactions Characteristic of a Robust Bicyclic Diphosphane Framework
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A pathway to diphosphorus from the dissociation of photoexcited tetraphosphorus
LP Wang, D Tofan, J Chen, T Van Voorhis, CC Cummins
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Surface Functionalization of Black Phosphorus with Nitrenes: Identification of P= N Bonds by Using Isotopic Labeling
KL Walz Mitra, CH Chang, MP Hanrahan, J Yang, D Tofan, WM Holden, ...
Angewandte Chemie 133 (16), 9209-9216, 2021
Contrasting cyclo‐P3 Ligand Transfer Reactivity of Valence‐Isoelectronic Aryloxide Complexes [(P3)Nb(ODipp)3] and [(P3)W(ODipp)3]
JM Breunig, D Tofan, CC Cummins
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2014 (10), 1605-1609, 2014
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