Martijn Baart
Martijn Baart
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Electrophysiological evidence for speech-specific audiovisual integration
M Baart, JJ Stekelenburg, J Vroomen
Neuropsychologia, 2014
Phonetic recalibration only occurs in speech mode
J Vroomen, M Baart
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Do you see what you are hearing? Cross-modal effects of speech sounds on lipreading
M Baart, J Vroomen
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Quantifying lip‐read‐induced suppression and facilitation of the auditory N1 and P2 reveals peak enhancements and delays
M Baart
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Lip-reading enables the brain to synthesize auditory features of unknown silent speech
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Phonetic recalibration does not depend on working memory
M Baart, J Vroomen
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Lipread-induced phonetic recalibration in dyslexia
M Baart, L de Boer-Schellekens, J Vroomen
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Turning a blind eye to the lexicon: ERPs show no cross-talk between lip-read and lexical context during speech sound processing
M Baart, AG Samuel
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Implementing EEG hyperscanning setups
P Barraza, G Dumas, H Liu, G Blanco-Gomez, MI van den Heuvel, ...
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Phonetic matching of auditory and visual speech develops during childhood: Evidence from sine-wave speech
M Baart, H Bortfeld, J Vroomen
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J Vroomen, M Baart, M Murray, M Wallace
Recalibration of vocal affect by a dynamic face
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Cross-modal noise compensation in audiovisual words
M Baart, BC Armstrong, CD Martin, R Frost, M Carreiras
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The late positive potential (LPP): A neural marker of internalizing problems in early childhood
MA McLean, BRH Van den Bergh, M Baart, J Vroomen, ...
International Journal of Psychophysiology 155, 78-86, 2020
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