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Mutsumi Kimura
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Prominent Gelation and Chiral Aggregation of Alkylamides Derived from trans‐1,2‐Diaminocyclohexane
K Hanabusa, M Yamada, M Kimura, H Shirai
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Load sharing system
K Okanoya, S Matsumoto, K Shoji, Y Konishi, A Takahashi, M Kimura, ...
US Patent 6,128,657, 2000
Effects of hydrogen bonding and van der Waals interactions on organogelation using designed low-molecular-weight gelators and gel formation at room temperature
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Dye molecules for simple co‐sensitization process: Fabrication of mixed‐dye‐sensitized solar cells
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Fluorescence chemosensor for metal ions using conjugated polymers
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Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles into Fibrous Aggregates Using Thiol‐Terminated Gelators
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M Kimura, T Muto, H Takimoto, K Wada, K Ohta, K Hanabusa, H Shirai, ...
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Remarkable viscoelasticity of organic solvents containing trialkyl-1, 3, 5-benzenetricarboxamides and their intermolecular hydrogen bonding
K Hanabusa, C Koto, M Kimura, H Shirai, A Kakehi
Chemistry letters 26 (5), 429-430, 1997
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