Raúl Aguilar
Raúl Aguilar
Profesor Titular, Faculty of Psychology, University of Málaga
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Inbred Roman High- and Low-Avoidance rats: differences in anxiety, novelty-seeking, and shuttlebox behaviors
RM Escorihuela, A Fernández-Teruel, L Gil, R Aguilar, A Tobeña, ...
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Testosterone, cortisol and anxiety in elite field hockey players
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R López-Aumatell, G Blázquez, L Gil, R Aguilar, T Cañete, ...
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Differences between two psychogenetically selected lines of rats in a swimming pool matching-to-place task: long-term effects of infantile stimulation
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Genetically-based behavioral traits influence the effects of Shuttle Box avoidance overtraining and extinction upon intertrial responding: a study with the Roman rat strains
R Aguilar, L Gil, A Fernandez-Teruel, A Tobeña
Behavioural Processes 66 (1), 63-72, 2004
Effects of neonatal handling on playfulness by means of reversal of the desire to play in rats (Rattus norvegicus)
R Aguilar, JM Caramés, A Espinet
Journal of Comparative Psychology 123 (4), 347-356, 2009
Latent inhibition threshold in Roman high-avoidance rats: a psychogenetic model of abnormalities in attentional filter?
A Fernández-Teruel, G Blázquez, M Pérez, R Aguilar, T Cañete, M Guitart, ...
Actas Esp Psiquiatr 34 (4), 257-263, 2006
Differential effects of cohort removal stress on the acoustic startle response of the Roman/Verh rat strains
R Aguilar, L Gil, A Tobeña, RM Escorihuela, A Fernández-Teruel
Behavior Genetics 30, 71-75, 2000
Landmark learning in a navigation task is not affected by the female rats´ estrus cycle
CA Rodríguez, R Aguilar, VD Chamizo
Psicológica 32 (2), 279-299, 2011
Infantile experience and play motivation
R Aguilar
Social Neuroscience 5 (5-6), 422-440, 2010
Las tendencias antinormativas y los rasgos de desinhibición conductual están relacionadas con el consumo de sustancias ilegales
Y Pardo, R Aguilar, B Molinuevo, R Torrubia
Cuadernos de Medicina Psicosomática y Psiquiatría de Enlace 64, 34-42, 2002
Respuestas de estrés y efectos de la experiencia temprana: evidencia conductual, fisiológica y neuromorfológica
A Fernández-Teruel, RM Escorihuela, R Aguilar, L Gil, B González, ...
Ansiedad y Estrés 4 (2-3), 135-170, 1998
Finger-length ratios and sexual orientation in southern Spain: a large sample study on sex-linked personality and cognitive traits
R Aguilar
Archives of Sexual Behavior 52, 3301-3312, 2023
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