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Shannon B. Olsson
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Phosphorylation via PKC regulates the function of the Drosophila odorant co-receptor
V Sargsyan, MN Getahun, S Lavista Llanos, SB Olsson, BS Hansson, ...
Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 5, 5, 2011
Detection of fruit-and flower-emitted volatiles by olfactory receptor neurons in the polyphagous fruit chafer Pachnoda marginata (Coleoptera: Cetoniinae)
MC Stensmyr, MC Larsson, S Bice, BS Hansson
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Insect odorant response sensitivity is tuned by metabotropically autoregulated olfactory receptors
MN Getahun, SB Olsson, S Lavista-Llanos, BS Hansson, D Wicher
PLoS One 8 (3), e58889, 2013
The chemosensory basis for behavioral divergence involved in sympatric host shifts. I. Characterizing olfactory receptor neuron classes responding to key host volatiles
SB Olsson, CE Linn, WL Roelofs
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 192 (3), 279-288, 2006
Olfaction and identification of unrelated individuals: examination of the mysteries of human odor recognition
SB Olsson, J Barnard, L Turri
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Plant Species- and Status-specific Odorant Blends Guide Oviposition Choice in the Moth Manduca sexta
A Späthe, A Reinecke, SB Olsson, S Kesavan, M Knaden, BS Hansson
Chemical senses 38 (2), 147-159, 2013
The chemosensory basis for behavioral divergence involved in sympatric host shifts II: olfactory receptor neuron sensitivity and temporal firing pattern to individual key host …
SB Olsson, CE Linn Jr, WL Roelofs
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Temporal response dynamics of Drosophila olfactory sensory neurons depends on receptor type and response polarity
MN Getahun, D Wicher, BS Hansson, SB Olsson
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Neuronal processing of complex mixtures establishes a unique odor representation in the moth antennal lobe
LS Kuebler, SB Olsson, R Weniger, BS Hansson
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Attractiveness of fruit and flower odorants detected by olfactory receptor neurons in the fruit chafer Pachnoda marginata
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A novel multicomponent stimulus device for use in olfactory experiments
SB Olsson, LS Kuebler, D Veit, K Steck, A Schmidt, M Knaden, ...
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Electroantennogram and single sensillum recording in insect antennae
SB Olsson, BS Hansson
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Inheritance of central neuroanatomy and physiology related to pheromone preference in the male European corn borer
Z Kárpáti, S Olsson, BS Hansson, T Dekker
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More than smell–COVID-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis
V Parma, K Ohla, MG Veldhuizen, MY Niv, CE Kelly, AJ Bakke, ...
Chemical senses, 2020
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LS Kuebler, M Schubert, Z Kárpáti, BS Hansson, SB Olsson
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Ostrinia revisited: Evidence for sex linkage in European Corn Borer Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner) pheromone reception
SB Olsson, S Kesevan, AT Groot, T Dekker, DG Heckel, BS Hansson
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Physiological Organization and Topographic Mapping of the Antennal Olfactory Sensory Neurons in Female Hawkmoths, Manduca sexta
M Ghaninia, SB Olsson, BS Hansson
Chemical senses 39 (8), 655-671, 2014
Receptor expression and sympatric speciation: unique olfactory receptor neuron responses in F1 hybrid Rhagoletis populations
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In situ modeling of multimodal floral cues attracting wild pollinators across environments
K Nordström, J Dahlbom, VS Pragadheesh, S Ghosh, A Olsson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (50), 13218-13223, 2017
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