Gauti Eggertsson
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The Zero Bound on Interest rates and Optimal Monetary Policy
GB Eggertsson, M Woodford
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 2003
Debt, deleveraging, and the liquidity trap: A Fisher-Minsky-Koo approach
GB Eggertsson, P Krugman
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 127 (3), 1469-1513, 2012
What fiscal policy is effective at zero interest rates?
GB Eggertsson
NBER Macroeconomics Annual 25 (1), 59-112, 2011
A model of secular stagnation: Theory and quantitative evaluation
GB Eggertsson, NR Mehrotra, JA Robbins
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 11 (1), 1-48, 2019
The great escape? a quantitative evaluation of the Fed's liquidity facilities
M Del Negro, G Eggertsson, A Ferrero, N Kiyotaki
American Economic Review 107 (3), 824-857, 2017
Great Expectations and the End of the Depression
GB Eggertsson
American Economic Review 98 (4), 1476-1516, 2008
The deflation bias and committing to being irresponsible
GB Eggertsson
Journal of money, credit, and Banking 38 (2), 283-321, 2006
Can structural reforms help Europe?
G Eggertsson, A Ferrero, A Raffo
Journal of Monetary Economics 61, 2-22, 2014
Optimal monetary and fiscal policy in a liquidity trap
GB Eggertsson, M Woodford
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2004
Optimal monetary policy in a liquidity trap
GB Eggertsson, M Woodford
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2003
Was the new deal contractionary?
GB Eggertsson
American Economic Review 102 (1), 524-55, 2012
Policy options in a liquidity trap
GB Eggertsson, M Woodford
American Economic Review 94 (2), 76-79, 2004
The paradox of toil
GB Eggertsson
FRB of New York Staff Report, 2010
Time consistency and the duration of government debt: A signalling theory of quantitative easing
S Bhattarai, GB Eggertsson, B Gafarov
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2015
Deficits, public debt dynamics and tax and spending multipliers
M Denes, GB Eggertsson, S Gilbukh
The Economic Journal 123 (566), F133-F163, 2013
An exploration of optimal stabilization policy
NG Mankiw, MC Weinzierl
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2011
A political agency theory of central bank independence
MGB Eggertsson, ME Le Borgne
International Monetary Fund, 2003
Fiscal multipliers and policy coordination
GB Eggertsson
Documentos de Trabajo (Banco Central de Chile), 1, 2011
Negative nominal interest rates and the bank lending channel
GB Eggertsson, RE Juelsrud, LH Summers, EG Wold
National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series, 2019
Secular stagnation in the open economy
GB Eggertsson, NR Mehrotra, LH Summers
American Economic Review 106 (5), 503-07, 2016
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