Klas Udekwu
Klas Udekwu
SLU, Uppsala University
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Hfq-dependent regulation of OmpA synthesis is mediated by an antisense RNA
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The bacterial peptidoglycan-sensing molecule Pglyrp2 modulates brain development and behavior
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Silver nanoparticle applications
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Persistence: a copacetic and parsimonious hypothesis for the existence of non-inherited resistance to antibiotics
BR Levin, J Concepción-Acevedo, KI Udekwu
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Classic reaction kinetics can explain complex patterns of antibiotic action
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Escherichia coli K-12 pathogenicity in the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum, reveals reduced antibacterial defense in aphids
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Developmental & Comparative Immunology 35 (10), 1091-1097, 2011
Mitochondrial proline catabolism activates Ras1/cAMP/PKA-induced filamentation in Candida albicans
FGS Silao, M Ward, K Ryman, A Wallström, B Brindefalk, K Udekwu, ...
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Silver nanoparticle applications
KI Udekwu
Springer, 2015
Activated carbon stimulates microbial diversity and PAH biodegradation under anaerobic conditions in oil-polluted sediments
S Bonaglia, E Broman, B Brindefalk, E Hedlund, T Hjorth, C Rolff, ...
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KI Udekwu
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Anti-microbiological and anti-infective activities of silver
M Griffith, KI Udekwu, S Gkotzis, TF Mah, EI Alarcon
silver nanoparticle applications, 127-146, 2015
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