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Richard McKenney
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Activation of cytoplasmic dynein motility by dynactin-cargo adapter complexes
RJ McKenney, W Huynh, ME Tanenbaum, G Bhabha, RD Vale
Science 345 (6194), 337-341, 2014
LIS1 and NudE induce a persistent dynein force-producing state
RJ McKenney, M Vershinin, A Kunwar, RB Vallee, SP Gross
Cell 141 (2), 304-314, 2010
Multiple modes of cytoplasmic dynein regulation
RB Vallee, RJ McKenney, KM Ori-McKenney
Nature cell biology 14 (3), 224-230, 2012
Mechanical stochastic tug-of-war models cannot explain bidirectional lipid-droplet transport
A Kunwar, SK Tripathy, J Xu, MK Mattson, P Anand, R Sigua, M Vershinin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (47), 18960-18965, 2011
NudE and NudEL are required for mitotic progression and are involved in dynein recruitment to kinetochores
SA Stehman, Y Chen, RJ McKenney, RB Vallee
The Journal of cell biology 178 (4), 583-594, 2007
Tyrosination of α‐tubulin controls the initiation of processive dynein–dynactin motility
RJ McKenney, W Huynh, RD Vale, M Sirajuddin
The EMBO journal 35 (11), 1175-1185, 2016
Mutually exclusive cytoplasmic dynein regulation by NudE-Lis1 and dynactin
RJ McKenney, SJ Weil, J Scherer, RB Vallee
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (45), 39615-39622, 2011
High-resolution imaging reveals indirect coordination of opposite motors and a role for LIS1 in high-load axonal transport
JY Yi, KM Ori-McKenney, RJ McKenney, M Vershinin, SP Gross, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 195 (2), 193-201, 2011
Cryo-electron tomography reveals that dynactin recruits a team of dyneins for processive motility
DA Grotjahn, S Chowdhury, Y Xu, RJ McKenney, TA Schroer, GC Lander
Nature structural & molecular biology 25 (3), 203-207, 2018
Cytoplasmic dynein crosslinks and slides anti-parallel microtubules using its two motor domains
ME Tanenbaum, RD Vale, RJ McKenney
Elife 2, e00943, 2013
Phosphorylation of β-Tubulin by the down syndrome kinase, minibrain/DYRK1a, regulates microtubule dynamics and dendrite morphogenesis
KM Ori-McKenney, RJ McKenney, HH Huang, T Li, S Meltzer, LY Jan, ...
Neuron 90 (3), 551-563, 2016
Priming phosphorylation of Chk2 by polo-like kinase 3 (Plk3) mediates its full activation by ATM and a downstream checkpoint in response to DNA damage
EM Bahassi, DL Myer, RJ McKenney, RF Hennigan, PJ Stambrook
Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis 596 (1 …, 2006
Differential effects of the dynein-regulatory factor Lissencephaly-1 on processive dynein-dynactin motility
PA Gutierrez, BE Ackermann, M Vershinin, RJ McKenney
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (29), 12245-12255, 2017
Expression patterns of LIS1, dynein and their interaction partners dynactin, NudE, NudEL and NudC in human gliomas suggest roles in invasion and proliferation
SO Suzuki, RJ McKenney, S Mawatari, M Mizuguchi, A Mikami, T Iwaki, ...
Acta neuropathologica 113 (5), 591-599, 2007
Microtubules gate tau condensation to spatially regulate microtubule functions
R Tan, AJ Lam, T Tan, J Han, DW Nowakowski, M Vershinin, S Simo, ...
Nature cell biology 21 (9), 1078-1085, 2019
Cooperative accumulation of dynein-dynactin at microtubule minus-ends drives microtubule network reorganization
R Tan, PJ Foster, DJ Needleman, RJ McKenney
Developmental cell 44 (2), 233-247. e4, 2018
Exact Topological Inference for Paired Brain Networks via Persistent Homology
MK Chung, V Villalta-Gil, H Lee, PJ Rathouz, BB Lahey, DH Zald
International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging, 299-310, 2017
Polarity of neuronal membrane traffic requires sorting of kinesin motor cargo during entry into dendrites by a microtubule-associated septin
EP Karasmanis, CT Phan, D Angelis, IA Kesisova, CC Hoogenraad, ...
Developmental cell 46 (2), 204-218. e7, 2018
Disease-associated mutations hyperactivate KIF1A motility and anterograde axonal transport of synaptic vesicle precursors
K Chiba, H Takahashi, M Chen, H Obinata, S Arai, K Hashimoto, T Oda, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (37), 18429-18434, 2019
Identification of a novel interspecific hybrid yeast from a metagenomic spontaneously inoculated beer sample using Hi‐C
C Smukowski Heil, JN Burton, I Liachko, A Friedrich, NA Hanson, ...
Yeast 35 (1), 71-84, 2018
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