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IL-21 regulates germinal center B cell differentiation and proliferation through a B cell–intrinsic mechanism
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Diverse cytokine production by NKT cell subsets and identification of an IL-17–producing CD4− NK1. 1− NKT cell population
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Epithelial and dendritic cells in the thymic medulla promote CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T cell development via the CD27–CD70 pathway
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Journal of Experimental Medicine 210 (4), 715-728, 2013
Interleukin-21-Producing CD4+ T Cells Promote Type 2 Immunity to House Dust Mites
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The CD27 and CD70 costimulatory pathway inhibits effector function of T helper 17 cells and attenuates associated autoimmunity
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Mechanisms of the development of allergy (MeDALL): introducing novel concepts in allergy phenotypes
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Paving the way of systems biology and precision medicine in allergic diseases: the Me DALL success story: Mechanisms of the Development of ALL ergy; EU FP 7‐CP‐IP; Project No …
J Bousquet, JM Anto, M Akdis, C Auffray, T Keil, I Momas, DS Postma, ...
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DX5/CD49b-positive T cells are not synonymous with CD1d-dependent NKT cells
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The importance of co‐stimulation in the orchestration of T helper cell differentiation
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lck-driven Cre expression alters T cell development in the thymus and the frequencies and functions of peripheral T cell subsets
B Carow, Y Gao, J Coquet, M Reilly, ME Rottenberg
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PPAR-γ promotes type 2 immune responses in allergy and nematode infection
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NKT sublineage specification and survival requires the ubiquitin-modifying enzyme TNFAIP3/A20
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Acute loss of apolipoprotein E triggers an autoimmune response that accelerates atherosclerosis
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IL‐21 Modulates Activation of NKT Cells in Patients with Stage IV Malignant Melanoma
JM Coquet, K Skak, ID Davis, MJ Smyth, DI Godfrey
Clinical & translational immunology 2 (10), e6, 2013
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