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Thermal activation of non-radiative Auger recombination in charged colloidal nanocrystals
C Javaux, B Mahler, B Dubertret, A Shabaev, AV Rodina, AL Efros, ...
Nature nanotechnology 8 (3), 206-212, 2013
Direct Observation of the Two Lowest Exciton Zero-Phonon Lines in Single Nanocrystals
L Biadala, Y Louyer, P Tamarat, B Lounis
Physical Review Letters 103 (3), 037404, 2009
Recombination dynamics of band edge excitons in quasi-two-dimensional CdSe nanoplatelets
L Biadala, F Liu, MD Tessier, DR Yakovlev, B Dubertret, M Bayer
Nano letters 14 (3), 1134-1139, 2014
Phonon line emission revealed by self-assembly of colloidal nanoplatelets
MD Tessier, L Biadala, C Bouet, S Ithurria, B Abecassis, B Dubertret
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Spectroscopy of neutral and charged exciton states in single CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals
Y Louyer, L Biadala, P Tamarat, B Lounis
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Band-edge exciton fine structure of single CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals in external magnetic fields
L Biadala, Y Louyer, P Tamarat, B Lounis
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Spin dynamics of negatively charged excitons in CdSe/CdS colloidal nanocrystals
F Liu, L Biadala, AV Rodina, DR Yakovlev, D Dunker, C Javaux, ...
Physical Review B 88 (3), 035302, 2013
Efficient biexciton emission in elongated CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals
Y Louyer, L Biadala, JB Trebbia, MJ Fernée, P Tamarat, B Lounis
Nano letters 11 (10), 4370-4375, 2011
Negatively Charged and Dark Excitons in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals Revealed by High Magnetic Fields
D Canneson, EV Shornikova, DR Yakovlev, T Rogge, AA Mitioglu, ...
Nano Letters 17 (10), 6177-6183, 2017
Addressing the exciton fine structure in colloidal nanocrystals: the case of CdSe nanoplatelets
EV Shornikova, L Biadala, DR Yakovlev, VF Sapega, YG Kusrayev, ...
Nanoscale 10 (2), 646-656, 2018
Band-Edge Exciton Fine Structure and Recombination Dynamics in InP/ZnS Colloidal Nanocrystals
L Biadala, B Siebers, Y Beyazit, MD Tessier, D Dupont, Z Hens, ...
ACS Nano 10 (3), 3356-3364, 2016
Tuning energy splitting and recombination dynamics of dark and bright excitons in CdSe/CdS dot-in-rod colloidal nanostructures
L Biadala, B Siebers, R Gomes, Z Hens, DR Yakovlev, M Bayer
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (38), 22309-22316, 2014
Blinking suppression and biexcitonic emission in thick-shell CdSe/CdS nanocrystals at cryogenic temperature
D Canneson, L Biadala, S Buil, X Quélin, C Javaux, B Dubertret, ...
Physical Review B 89 (3), 035303, 2014
Magnetic polaron on dangling-bond spins in CdSe colloidal nanocrystals
L Biadala, EV Shornikova, AV Rodina, DR Yakovlev, B Siebers, T Aubert, ...
Nature Nanotechnology, 2017
Electron and Hole g-Factors and Spin Dynamics of Negatively Charged Excitons in CdSe/CdS Colloidal Nanoplatelets with Thick Shells
EV Shornikova, L Biadala, DR Yakovlev, D Feng, VF Sapega, N Flipo, ...
Nano letters 18 (1), 373-380, 2018
Resolving the controversial existence of silicene and germanene nanosheets grown on graphite
W Peng, T Xu, P Diener, L Biadala, M Berthe, X Pi, Y Borensztein, ...
ACS nano 12 (5), 4754-4760, 2018
Exciton spin dynamics and photoluminescence polarization of CdSe/CdS dot-in-rod nanocrystals in high magnetic fields
B Siebers, L Biadala, DR Yakovlev, AV Rodina, T Aubert, Z Hens, ...
Physical Review B 91 (15), 155304, 2015
Negatively charged excitons in CdSe nanoplatelets
EV Shornikova, DR Yakovlev, L Biadala, SA Crooker, VV Belykh, ...
Nano Letters 20 (2), 1370-1377, 2020
Photon-correlation Fourier spectroscopy of the trion fluorescence in thick-shell CdSe/CdS nanocrystals
L Biadala, H Frederich, L Coolen, S Buil, X Quélin, C Javaux, ...
Physical Review B 91 (8), 085416, 2015
Surface spin magnetism controls the polarized exciton emission from CdSe nanoplatelets
EV Shornikova, AA Golovatenko, DR Yakovlev, AV Rodina, L Biadala, ...
Nature Nanotechnology 15 (4), 277-282, 2020
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