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Microresonator-based solitons for massively parallel coherent optical communications
P Marin-Palomo, JN Kemal, M Karpov, A Kordts, J Pfeifle, MHP Pfeiffer, ...
Nature 546 (7657), 274-279, 2017
Universal dynamics and deterministic switching of dissipative Kerr solitons in optical microresonators
H Guo, M Karpov, E Lucas, A Kordts, MHP Pfeiffer, V Brasch, G Lihachev, ...
Nature Physics 13 (1), 94-102, 2017
Ultrafast optical ranging using microresonator soliton frequency combs
P Trocha, M Karpov, D Ganin, MHP Pfeiffer, A Kordts, S Wolf, ...
Science 359 (6378), 887-891, 2018
Photonic Damascene process for integrated high-Q microresonator based nonlinear photonics
MHP Pfeiffer, A Kordts, V Brasch, M Zervas, M Geiselmann, JD Jost, ...
Optica 3 (1), 20-25, 2016
Raman self-frequency shift of dissipative Kerr solitons in an optical microresonator
M Karpov, H Guo, A Kordts, V Brasch, MHP Pfeiffer, M Zervas, ...
Physical review letters 116 (10), 103902, 2016
Higher order mode suppression in high-Q anomalous dispersion SiN microresonators for temporal dissipative Kerr soliton formation
A Kordts, MHP Pfeiffer, H Guo, V Brasch, TJ Kippenberg
Optics letters 41 (3), 452-455, 2016
Full C and L-band transmission at 20 Tbit/s using cavity-soliton Kerr frequency combs
J Pfeifle, A Kordts, P Marin, M Karpov, M Pfeiffer, V Brasch, ...
CLEO: Science and Innovations, JTh5C. 8, 2015
Frequency-comb-assisted broadband precision spectroscopy with cascaded diode lasers
J Liu, V Brasch, MHP Pfeiffer, A Kordts, AN Kamel, H Guo, M Geiselmann, ...
Optics letters 41 (13), 3134-3137, 2016
Dependence of a microresonator Kerr frequency comb on the pump linewidth
P Liao, C Bao, A Kordts, M Karpov, MHP Pfeiffer, L Zhang, ...
Optics letters 42 (4), 779-782, 2017
Demonstration of optical multicasting using Kerr frequency comb lines
C Bao, P Liao, A Kordts, M Karpov, MHP Pfeiffer, L Zhang, Y Yan, G Xie, ...
Optics letters 41 (16), 3876-3879, 2016
Tunable insertion of multiple lines into a Kerr frequency comb using electro-optical modulators
C Bao, P Liao, A Kordts, M Karpov, MHP Pfeiffer, L Zhang, Y Cao, G Xie, ...
Optics letters 42 (19), 3765-3768, 2017
Pump-linewidth-tolerant wavelength multicasting using soliton Kerr frequency combs
P Liao, C Bao, A Kordts, M Karpov, MHP Pfeiffer, L Zhang, Y Cao, ...
Optics letters 42 (16), 3177-3180, 2017
Dual-pump generation of high-coherence primary Kerr combs with multiple sub-lines
C Bao, P Liao, A Kordts, L Zhang, M Karpov, MHP Pfeiffer, Y Cao, Y Yan, ...
Optics letters 42 (3), 595-598, 2017
Orthogonally polarized Kerr frequency combs
C Bao, P Liao, A Kordts, L Zhang, A Matsko, M Karpov, MHP Pfeiffer, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.05045, 2017
Effects of erbium-doped fiber amplifier induced pump noise on soliton Kerr frequency combs for 64-quadrature amplitude modulation transmission
P Liao, C Bao, A Kordts, M Karpov, MHP Pfeiffer, L Zhang, Y Cao, ...
Optics letters 43 (11), 2495-2498, 2018
Experimental generation of a 64-QAM by optically aggregating three independent QPSK channels using nonlinear wave mixing of multiple Kerr comb lines
A Fallahpour, M Ziyadi, A Kordts, C Bao, P Liao, A Mohajerin-Ariaei, ...
CLEO: Applications and Technology, JTh2A. 59, 2017
50 Tbit/s massively parallel WDM transmission in C and L band using interleaved cavity-soliton Kerr combs
P Marin, J Pfeifle, M Karpov, P Trocha, R Rosenberger, K Vijayan, S Wolf, ...
CLEO: Science and Innovations, STu1G. 1, 2016
PH musical instrument case/stand
P Howard
US Patent App. 10/191,215, 2004
Demonstration of tunable and reconfigurable optical nyquist channel aggregation of qpsk-to-16qam and bpsk-to-4pam using nonlinear wave mixing and a kerr frequency comb
A Fallahpour, F Alishahi, K Zou, Y Cao, A Almaiman, A Kordts, M Karpov, ...
2019 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 1-3, 2019
8 GBit/s real-time quantum random number generator with non-iid samples
T Gehring, C Lupo, A Kordts, DS Nikolic, N Jain, TB Pedersen, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1812.05377, 2018
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