Sara Hornborg
Sara Hornborg
RISE Reserach Institutes of Sweden
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Selective fishing induces density-dependent growth
H Svedäng, S Hornborg
Nature communications 5, 4152, 2014
Integrated environmental assessment of fisheries management: Swedish Nephrops trawl fisheries evaluated using a life cycle approach
S Hornborg, P Nilsson, D Valentinsson, F Ziegler
Marine Policy 36 (6), 1193-1201, 2012
Expanding the concept of sustainable seafood using Life Cycle Assessment
F Ziegler, S Hornborg, BS Green, OR Eigaard, AK Farmery, L Hammar, ...
Fish and Fisheries 17 (4), 1073-1093, 2016
Stock size matters more than vessel size: the fuel efficiency of Swedish demersal trawl fisheries 2002–2010
F Ziegler, S Hornborg
Marine Policy 44, 72-81, 2014
Trophic indicators in fisheries: a call for re-evaluation
S Hornborg, A Belgrano, V Bartolino, D Valentinsson, F Ziegler
Biology letters 9 (1), 20121050, 2013
Review and advancement of the marine biotic resource use metric in seafood LCAs: a case study of Norwegian salmon feed
T Cashion, S Hornborg, F Ziegler, ES Hognes, P Tyedmers
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 21 (8), 1106-1120, 2016
Role of trophic models and indicators in current marine fisheries management
C Longo, S Hornborg, V Bartolino, MT Tomczak, L Ciannelli, S Libralato, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 538, 257-272, 2015
By-catch impacts in fisheries: utilizing the IUCN Red List Categories for enhanced product level assessment in seafood LCAs
S Hornborg, M Svensson, P Nilsson, F Ziegler
Environmental management 52 (5), 1239-1248, 2013
Historic changes in length distributions of three Baltic cod (Gadus morhua) stocks: Evidence of growth retardation
H Svedäng, S Hornborg
Ecology and evolution 7 (16), 6089-6102, 2017
Assessing broad life cycle impacts of daily onboard decision-making, annual strategic planning, and fisheries management in a northeast Atlantic trawl fishery
F Ziegler, EA Groen, S Hornborg, EAM Bokkers, KM Karlsen, IJM de Boer
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 23 (7), 1357-1367, 2018
Waiting for a flourishing Baltic cod (Gadus morhua) fishery that never comes: old truths and new perspectives
H Svedäng, S Hornborg
ICES Journal of Marine Science 72 (8), 2197-2208, 2015
New policies may call for new approaches: the case of the Swedish Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) fisheries in the Kattegat and Skagerrak
S Hornborg, P Jonsson, M Sköld, M Ulmestrand, D Valentinsson, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 74 (1), 134-145, 2017
Same stock, different management: quantifying the sustainability of three shrimp fisheries in the Skagerrak from a product perspective
F Ziegler, S Hornborg, D Valentinsson, E Skontorp Hognes, G Søvik, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 73 (7), 1806-1814, 2016
Food production shocks across land and sea
RS Cottrell, KL Nash, BS Halpern, TA Remenyi, SP Corney, A Fleming, ...
Nature Sustainability 2 (2), 130, 2019
Assessing Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security of the EU Food System—An Integrated Approach
M Zurek, A Hebinck, A Leip, J Vervoort, M Kuiper, M Garrone, P Havlík, ...
Sustainability 10 (11), 4271, 2018
Deliverable No. 1.3: Sustainability metrics for the EU food system: a review across economic, environmental and social considerations
M Zurek, A Leip, A Kuijsten, J Wijnands, I Terluin, L Shutes, A Hebinck, ...
Recommended assessment framework, method and characterisation and normalisation factors for resource use impacts: Phase 1
A Emanuelsson, M Goedkoop, MM Hanafiah, S Hellweg, S Hornborg, ...
Shaping sustainability of seafood from capture fisheries integrating the perspectives of supply chain stakeholders through combining systems analysis tools
S Hornborg, AJ Hobday, F Ziegler, ADM Smith, BS Green
ICES Journal of Marine Science 75 (6), 1965-1974, 2018
Deliverable No. 5.1: Baseline sustainability assessment of the current state of livestock/fish and fruit/vegetables supply chains
HHE van Zanten, S Hornborg, F Ziegler, I Tetens, A Leip, MH Kuiper, ...
Broadening the perspective on seafood production: life cycle thinking and fisheries management
S Hornborg
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