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Estrogen receptors: how do they signal and what are their targets
N Heldring, A Pike, S Andersson, J Matthews, G Cheng, J Hartman, ...
Physiological reviews 87 (3), 905-931, 2007
Extracellular vesicle in vivo biodistribution is determined by cell source, route of administration and targeting
OPB Wiklander, JZ Nordin, A O'Loughlin, Y Gustafsson, G Corso, I Mäger, ...
Journal of extracellular vesicles 4 (1), 26316, 2015
Do cryopreserved mesenchymal stromal cells display impaired immunomodulatory and therapeutic properties?
G Moll, JJ Alm, LC Davies, L von Bahr, N Heldring, L Stenbeck-Funke, ...
Stem cells 32 (9), 2430-2442, 2014
The histone H4 lysine 16 acetyltransferase hMOF regulates the outcome of autophagy
J Füllgrabe, MA Lynch-Day, N Heldring, W Li, RB Struijk, Q Ma, ...
Nature 500 (7463), 468-471, 2013
Mesenchymal stromal cell secretion of programmed death-1 ligands regulates T cell mediated immunosuppression
LC Davies, N Heldring, N Kadri, K Le Blanc
Stem cells 35 (3), 766-776, 2017
Therapeutic potential of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells and their extracellular vesicles
N Heldring, I Mäger, MJA Wood, K Le Blanc, SEL Andaloussi
Human gene therapy 26 (8), 506-517, 2015
In vivo effects of mesenchymal stromal cells in two patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome
OE Simonson, D Mougiakakos, N Heldring, G Bassi, HJ Johansson, ...
Stem cells translational medicine 4 (10), 1199-1213, 2015
Fatty acids derived from royal jelly are modulators of estrogen receptor functions
P Moutsatsou, Z Papoutsi, E Kassi, N Heldring, C Zhao, A Tsiapara, ...
PloS one 5 (12), e15594, 2010
Structural insights into corepressor recognition by antagonist-bound estrogen receptors
N Heldring, T Pawson, D McDonnell, E Treuter, JA Gustafsson, ACW Pike
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (14), 10449-10455, 2007
Subtle side-chain modifications of the hop phytoestrogen 8-prenylnaringenin result in distinct agonist/antagonist activity profiles for estrogen receptors α and β
F Roelens, N Heldring, W Dhooge, M Bengtsson, F Comhaire, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 49 (25), 7357-7365, 2006
Like a rolling histone: epigenetic regulation of neural stem cells and brain development by factors controlling histone acetylation and methylation
T Lilja, N Heldring, O Hermanson
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1830 (2), 2354-2360, 2013
Notch induces cyclin-D1-dependent proliferation during a specific temporal window of neural differentiation in ES cells
D Das, F Lanner, H Main, ER Andersson, O Bergmann, C Sahlgren, ...
Developmental biology 348 (2), 153-166, 2010
Delineation of a unique protein–protein interaction site on the surface of the estrogen receptor
EH Kong, N Heldring, JÅ Gustafsson, E Treuter, RE Hubbard, ACW Pike
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (10), 3593-3598, 2005
Multiple sequence-specific DNA-binding proteins mediate estrogen receptor signaling through a tethering pathway
N Heldring, GD Isaacs, AG Diehl, M Sun, E Cheung, JA Ranish, WL Kraus
Molecular endocrinology 25 (4), 564-574, 2011
Do ABO blood group antigens hamper the therapeutic efficacy of mesenchymal stromal cells?
G Moll, A Hult, L Bahr, JJ Alm, N Heldring, OA Hamad, L Stenbeck-Funke, ...
PLoS one 9 (1), e85040, 2014
Identification of tamoxifen-induced coregulator interaction surfaces within the ligand-binding domain of estrogen receptors
N Heldring, M Nilsson, B Buehrer, E Treuter, JA Gustafsson
Molecular and cellular biology 24 (8), 3445-3459, 2004
Co-planar 3, 3′, 4, 4′, 5-pentachlorinated biphenyl and non-co-planar 2, 2′, 4, 6, 6′-pentachlorinated biphenyl differentially induce recruitment of oestrogen receptor α to …
J Matthews, B Wihlén, N Heldring, L MacPherson, L Helguero, E Treuter, ...
Biochemical Journal 406 (2), 343-353, 2007
Cracking the survival code: autophagy-related histone modifications
J Füllgrabe, N Heldring, O Hermanson, B Joseph
Autophagy 10 (4), 556-561, 2014
Type 1 diabetes mellitus donor mesenchymal stromal cells exhibit comparable potency to healthy controls in vitro
LC Davies, JJ Alm, N Heldring, G Moll, C Gavin, I Batsis, H Qian, ...
Stem cells translational medicine 5 (11), 1485-1495, 2016
Tet3 mediates stable glucocorticoid-induced alterations in DNA methylation and Dnmt3a/Dkk1 expression in neural progenitors
R Bose, S Spulber, P Kilian, N Heldring, P Lönnerberg, A Johnsson, ...
Cell death & disease 6 (6), e1793-e1793, 2015
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