D Roy Mahapatra
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Spectral Finite Element Method: Wave Propagation, Diagnostics and Control in Anisotropic and In-homogeneous Structures
S Gopalakrishnan, A Chakraborty, DR Mahapatra
London: Springer, 2008
Numerical integration over arbitrary polygonal domains based on Schwarz–Christoffel conformal mapping
S Natarajan, S Bordas, D Roy Mahapatra
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A spectral finite element model for analysis of axial–flexural–shear coupled wave propagation in laminated composite beams
D Roy Mahapatra, S Gopalakrishnan
Composite Structures 59 (1), 67-88, 2003
On the performance of strain smoothing for quadratic and enriched finite element approximations (XFEM/GFEM/PUFEM)
S Bordas, S Natarajan, P Kerfriden, CE Augarde, DR Mahapatra, ...
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 86 (4‐5), 637-666, 2011
Finite element analysis of free vibration and wave propagation in asymmetric composite beams with structural discontinuities
A Chakraborty, DR Mahapatra, S Gopalakrishnan
Composite Structures 55 (1), 23-36, 2002
Integrating strong and weak discontinuities without integration subcells and example applications in an XFEM/GFEM framework
S Natarajan, DR Mahapatra, S Bordas
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 83 (3), 269-294, 2010
Characterization of a large-area PVDF thin film for electro-mechanical and ultrasonic sensing applications
VT Rathod, DR Mahapatra, A Jain, A Gayathri
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 163 (1), 164-171, 2010
A refined higher order finite element for asymmetric composite beams
M Murthy, D Roy Mahapatra, K Badarinarayana, S Gopalakrishnan
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Electrochemical nonenzymatic sensing of glucose using advanced nanomaterials
K Dhara, DR Mahapatra
Microchimica Acta 185 (1), 49, 2018
Description of a new method of ovariectomy in female rats
DK Khajuria, R Razdan, DR Mahapatra
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Multi-layer graphene reinforced aluminum–manufacturing of high strength composite by friction stir alloying
S Dixit, A Mahata, DR Mahapatra, SV Kailas, K Chattopadhyay
Composites Part B: Engineering 136, 63-71, 2018
Ultrasonic Lamb wave based monitoring of corrosion type of damage in plate using a circular array of piezoelectric transducers
VT Rathod, DR Mahapatra
NDT & E International 44 (7), 628-636, 2011
Drugs for the management of osteoporosis: a review
DK Khajuria, R Razdan, DR Mahapatra
Revista brasileira de reumatologia 51 (4), 372-382, 2011
Prediction of nonlocal scaling parameter for armchair and zigzag single-walled carbon nanotubes based on molecular structural mechanics, nonlocal elasticity and wave propagation
S Narendar, DR Mahapatra, S Gopalakrishnan
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Rapid localization of damage using a circular sensor array and Lamb wave based triangulation
G Giridhara, VT Rathod, S Naik, DR Mahapatra, S Gopalakrishnan
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 24 (8), 2929-2946, 2010
Spectral-element-based solutions for wave propagation analysis of multiply connected unsymmetric laminated composite beams
DR Mahapatra, S Gopalakrishnan, TS Sankar
Journal of Sound and Vibration 237 (5), 819-836, 2000
Identification of delamination in composite beams using spectral estimation and a genetic algorithm
A Nag, DR Mahapatra, S Gopalakrishnan
Smart Materials and Structures 11 (6), 899, 2002
Graphene Oxide–A Tool for Preparation of Chemically Crosslinking Free Alginate-Chitosan-Collagen Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering
E Kolanthai, DK Khajuria, SC Veerla, D Kuppuswamy, LH Catalani, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (15), 12441-12452, 2018
A spectral finite element with embedded delamination for modeling of wave scattering in composite beams
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An accelerometer balance system for measurement of aerodynamic force coefficients over blunt bodies in a hypersonic shock tunnel
N Sahoo, DR Mahapatra, G Jagadeesh, S Gopalakrishnan, KPJ Reddy
Measurement Science and Technology 14 (3), 260, 2003
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