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Joost van de Weijer
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Eye tracking: A comprehensive guide to methods and measures
K Holmqvist, M Nyström, R Andersson, R Dewhurst, H Jarodzka, ...
OUP Oxford, 2011
Language input for word discovery
J van De Weijer
Radboud University Nijmegen Nijmegen, 1999
Word length, sentence length and frequency–Zipf revisited
B Sigurd, M Eeg‐Olofsson, J Van Weijer
Studia Linguistica 58 (1), 37-52, 2004
The influence of calibration method and eye physiology on eyetracking data quality
M Nyström, R Andersson, K Holmqvist, J Van De Weijer
Behavior research methods 45 (1), 272-288, 2013
Corpus methods for semantics: Quantitative studies in polysemy and synonymy
D Glynn, JA Robinson
John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014
How much does an infant hear in a day?
J Van de Weijer
Proceedings of the GALA2001 Conference on Language Acquisition, 2001
Foreign accent in adult simultaneous bilinguals
T Kupisch, D Barton, K Hailer, I Stangen, T Lein, J van de Weijer
Heritage Language Journal 11 (2), 123-150, 2014
Language input to a prelingual infant
J Van de Weijer
the GALA'97 Conference on Language Acquisition, 290-293, 1997
Voice onset time and global foreign accent in German–French simultaneous bilinguals during adulthood
T Lein, T Kupisch, J van de Weijer
International Journal of Bilingualism 20 (6), 732-749, 2016
Does the Kuleshov effect really exist? Revisiting a classic film experiment on facial expressions and emotional contexts
D Barratt, AC Rédei, Å Innes-Ker, J Van de Weijer
Perception 45 (8), 847-874, 2016
Vowels in infant-and adult-directed speech
J Van de Weijer
Working Papers in Linguistics 49, 172-175, 2009
van de.(2011)
K Holmqvist, M Nyström, R Andersson, R Dewhurst, H Jarodzka, J Weijer
Eye Tracking: A comprehensive guide to methods and measures, 560, 0
Are parrots poor at motor self-regulation or is the cylinder task poor at measuring it?
C Kabadayi, A Krasheninnikova, L O’neill, J van de Weijer, M Osvath, ...
Animal cognition 20 (6), 1137-1146, 2017
Input frequency and the acquisition of subject-verb agreement in number in spoken and written French
M Ågren, J Van de Weijer
Journal of French Language Studies 23 (3), 311-333, 2013
The role of the childhood environment for language dominance: A study of adult simultaneous bilingual speakers of German and French
T Kupisch, J Weijer
As lexical as it gets: The role of co-occurrence of antonyms in a visual lexical decision experiment
J Van de Weijer, C Paradis, C Willners, M Lindgren
Frequency effects in language representation, 255-279, 2012
Denial outperforms apology in repairing organizational trust despite strong evidence of guilt
M Fuoli, J van de Weijer, C Paradis
Public Relations Review 43 (4), 645-660, 2017
Semantic profiles of antonymic adjectives in discourse
C Paradis, S Löhndorf, J Van de Weijer, C Willners
Linguistics 53 (1), 153-191, 2015
Input, intake and phonological development: the case of consonant harmony
P Fikkert, CC Levelt, J van de Weijer
GALA, Utrecht, 2002
Antonym canonicity: Temporal and contextual manipulations
J van de Weijer, C Paradis, C Willners, M Lindgren
Brain and language 128 (1), 1-8, 2014
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