Ivan Powis
Ivan Powis
Professor of Chemical Physics
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Two-dimensional charged particle image inversion using a polar basis function expansion
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Photofragment investigations of the 280 nm photodissociation of methyl iodide using rempii atom detection
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I Powis
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Photoelectron circular dichroism in chiral molecules
I Powis
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Fragmentation of valence electronic states of CF+ 4 and SF+ 6 studied by threshold photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectroscopy
JC Creasey, HM Jones, DM Smith, RP Tuckett, PA Hatherly, K Codling, ...
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I Powis
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Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Circular Dichroism in Chiral Biomolecules:  l-Alanine
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A photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectrometer for the study of translational energy release distributions
I Powis, PI Mansell, CJ Danby
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