Sihong Shao
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Numerical methods for nonlinear Dirac equation
J Xu, S Shao, H Tang
Journal of Computational Physics 245, 131-149, 2013
Adaptive conservative cell average spectral element methods for transient Wigner equation in quantum transport
S Shao, T Lu, W Cai
Communications in Computational Physics 9 (3), 711-739, 2011
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H Jiang, S Shao, W Cai, P Zhang
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Z Li, S Shao, W Liu
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Interaction for the solitary waves of a nonlinear Dirac model
S Shao, H Tang
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KC Chang, S Shao, D Zhang
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Nodal domains of eigenvectors for 1-Laplacian on graphs
KC Chang, S Shao, D Zhang
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Analysis of Time Reversible Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics
L Lin, J Lu, S Shao
Entropy 16 (1), 110-137, 2013
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Y Xiong, Z Chen, S Shao
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S Shao, H Tang
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Multi-hump solitary waves of nonlinear Dirac equation
J Xu, S Shao, H Tang, D Wei
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Comparison of deterministic and stochastic methods for time-dependent Wigner simulations
S Shao, JM Sellier
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Cheeger’s cut, maxcut and the spectral theory of 1-Laplacian on graphs
KC Chang, SH Shao, D Zhang
Science China Mathematics 60 (11), 1963-1980, 2017
Spectrum of the signless 1-Laplacian and the dual Cheeger constant on graphs
KC Chang, S Shao, D Zhang
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A computable branching random walk for the many-body Wigner quantum dynamics
S Shao, Y Xiong
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Numerical methods for the Wigner equation with unbounded potential
Z Chen, Y Xiong, S Shao
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Solitary waves in the nonlinear Dirac equation in the presence of external driving forces
FG Mertens, F Cooper, NR Quintero, S Shao, A Khare, A Saxena
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Accurate calculation of Green’s function of the Schrödinger equation in a block layered potential
S Shao, W Cai, H Tang
Journal of Computational Physics 219 (2), 733-748, 2006
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